How complex of a code for this character?


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First off, I hope this is in the right section. If not, please let me know! (I'm new here)


Anyway, I was wanting to make a character for my friend who's been down lately but realized i'm in way too far over my head... How hard would it be to code a character like this? (I have next to no coding skill...)


Bernie, The conflicted one


Flavor Text: "I don't want to do it!"


Health: 175

Hunger: 150

Sanity: 115


some perks: (G=good, B=bad)

G= "Insomniac" -Doesn't need sleep-

G= "Finds rain refreshing" -Positive sanity gain in rain until 75% soaked- (If possible)

G= "Not bothered by shadows" -Shadow beasts dont attack-

B= 15% (.15) increase to sanity drain at night

B= 10% (.10) increase to hunger drain


I'm not worried about custom text right now, or even a custom voice. Just wanting to cheer my friend up a little.


Not asking anyone to outright DO the code for me, I mean if someone did I would be unbelievably thankful. But maybe someone could give me some pointers. I tried to watch a youtube video but got lost...


As for art, im working on that...


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Sanity and hunger drain even have specific variables, let me look them up...


EDIT: Hunger has "inst.components.hunger.hungerrate = inst.components.hunger.hungerrate * 1.1"

Sanity has "inst.components.sanity.night_drain_mult = 1.1"


In both cases, I'm increasing the rate by a tenth.

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I honestly have no clue where to start though, I looked into the templates on the site and tried a little, the game kept saying it was out of date. The video I watched said to match the api (I think) to that of the game. Still no luck

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