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What if pirates spawn sometime after you put too much gold in one chest? They would dock their ship at the coast then try to steal items from your chests (like krampus) and, instead of disappearing into a magical sack, they would run back to their ship. New mobs:Pirate- spawns in groups of 5-8. [Drops- Gold Nuggets, Cutlasses, and Muskets]Captain- spawns from ship once all pirates have been killed. [Drops- Gold Nuggets, and Captain's Hat]New items:Cutlass- has the same durability as the spear, and does more damage than tentacle spike.Musket- can fire 50 shots before breaking, using Musket Balls as ammo.Musket Ball- Used as ammo in a Musket.Captain's Hat- obtained by killing a Captain. When wearing this, you can trade gold to a Captain for Musket BallsMaybe even a boat or other items on the ship.

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I don't think there should be other humans in the game honestly. It's supposed to feel like an isolated world filled with only monsters, and creatures.....unless you mean like pigman pirates or something? If it were pigmen that could be a interesting consequence for killing too many of them. They would band together raid your camp like pirates.

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I've always seen pirates as like a cross between a hyena, a traditional goblin, and a DnD troll. Maybe thats just me though like as one creature too not all those things individualy. 'm not the beast at art so I can really draw it out either. DARN THESE HANDS!

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