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Found 8 results

  1. I've added a hairfront_hat symbol to my character's build because their hairfront clips through hats normally. What I want to do now is override the OnEquip function in hats.lua. There's a problem though; it's a local function that's created inside of another local function (MakeHat(string)) so I don't think I can access it directly. The hats.lua file doesn't return an actual hats prefab; rather, it returns a whole bunch of hats made by MakeHat(string). I think this prevents me from adding a postinit to it because a hats prefab technically never gets made. Because of this, trying to modify components.equippable.onequipfn for hats didn't work. But I DID get it to work by modifing the onequipfn for the "tophat" prefab specifically. So here's what I want to know: is there a convenient way to do add a postinit for every prefab that MakeHat() can return, without overwriting the file? Or will I have to go through the list of return values in hats.lua and manually add the post init to every single one?
  2. Heyho everyone, So I am working together with a few friends on some custom characters I have been getting their perks done quiet well except for one. They have a hat obsession and are supposed to be able to gain weeber's friend of spiders as long as they wear it. I am not certain tho how to create a dependency on all hats so everything that is equipabel in the head slot and connect it to a character tag. Do I have to maybe write around it and code everything so I don't depend on the character tag? Thank you for the help!
  3. I'm trying to make it so that my character gains more sanity from wearing garlands specifically. I had found code for sanity bonus from picking things (in my case, flowers), and I'm hoping I can apply it to increasing the sanity gain from wearing a garland. Does anyone know what the hat worn event is called? EDIT: Would the code for altering the sainty gained from wearing a garland look like this? inst:ListenForEvent( "puteventhere" function(inst, data) if(data and data.object and data.object.prefab=="flowerhat") then if(inst and inst.components and inst.components.sanity) then inst.components.sanity:DoDelta(put sanity change here) end end end )
  4. Hi guys, Just wanted to share a short video I've made of my one-year camp (yes: more than 365 days surviving!). Basically, I've farmed the whole map during this time, and have a bunch of other camps in it. Last thing I've done in that game was creating a Zoo! If you have questions or need advices regarding my camp, feel free to ask . Here is the video.
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number - Issue title Strange graphics on start page Steps to reproduce Open Don't Starve Describe your issue
  6. What if pirates spawn sometime after you put too much gold in one chest? They would dock their ship at the coast then try to steal items from your chests (like krampus) and, instead of disappearing into a magical sack, they would run back to their ship. New mobs:Pirate- spawns in groups of 5-8. [Drops- Gold Nuggets, Cutlasses, and Muskets]Captain- spawns from ship once all pirates have been killed. [Drops- Gold Nuggets, and Captain's Hat]New items:Cutlass- has the same durability as the spear, and does more damage than tentacle spike.Musket- can fire 50 shots before breaking, using Musket Balls as ammo.Musket Ball- Used as ammo in a Musket.Captain's Hat- obtained by killing a Captain. When wearing this, you can trade gold to a Captain for Musket BallsMaybe even a boat or other items on the ship.
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Graphic goes haywire Steps to reproduce open steam play game graphic goes haywire plus bad resolution Describe your issue I have now encounter this problem i am unable to play this game for 3 weeks now since the black screen now that have been fixed i now encounter this problem. when i change the resolution the resolution to 1366x768 the buttons are out of place and this didn't happen before here is the what the ingame looks like with the graphic all messed up
  8. Firstly, hi to the Don't Starve community and devs! I'm a newbie but brimming with creative ideas (mostly thought up whilst in the shower, perhaps disturbingly) so wanted to share this and hopefully get a good response 1) Hardware cursor I noticed while playing that there was one thing a little out of place, the cursor. Now this seems trivial but it would be really cool to have a cursor which fits the rest of the game style a lot better. Something simple would suffice, but a context-sensitive cursor would be even better - by that I mean one which changes depending on whether you're hovering over an aggressive enemy (attack cursor) or something you can gather (gathering cursor) etc. etc. you get the point! 2) Hat abilities! Considering how the game is supposed to be about a mad scientist being thrown into a wilderness survival environment, I was actually surprised to find that there weren't really that many "crazy inventions" or gadgets to be able to build later on in the game. Perks as the player progresses for example, by that I mean things like minor speed boots or gathering speed increase etc. and I ended up thinking that it would be a great place to do this on the hats, as some of them already do provide a perk of some kind (i.e. protection from the Football hat). My ideas are as follows: Straw hat - Considering this is made from gathering cut grass and is available early on in the game, this hat could provide a perk when worn such as a slight increase in gathering speed for grass/twigs/berries. Not a lot, but enough to be noticeable and allow you to bring back just that bit extra when you go on a days' foraging trip. Beefalo hat - This hat could allow you to get double the amount of manure from each manure pile, therefore cutting down your time needed to gather fertiliser. Another fun side effect could be that it makes your beard grow a little faster (due to all the hair gone into making it!) which would allow those playing the main char to create a Meat Effigy a day or two faster than normal if wearing this hat all the time. Feather hat - As you have to trap a lot of birds for this to get their feathers, I though it would be pretty cool to have this hat provide you a VERY minor movement speed increase. BUT, allow that speed increase to mean you can run up to and kill birds before they fly off - therefore negating the need to continue trapping them to get further feathers once you get to a stage of making this hat. This would remove some grindyness when getting future feathers once you've performed this the first time in each game. As you can see these hat perks give a number of very miniscule advantages. There are others of course but I can't think of any decent ideas for those right now but they would be along similar lines, such as the mining helmet not only lights your way but provides more stone and a higher chance of gold from each rock. Perhaps the cost of each hat would need to be increased along with this, but that would be acceptable. Working hard for good rewards makes a fun game The great thing about this is, you can only wear ONE hat at a time! So, there is a very distinct player choice as to which hat to use and when. E.g. do I take my straw hat to go foraging for the day, but should I also take another hat or two decreasing my inventory space just in case I meet some enemies or find a quarry on the way? I think the hats have a huge potential for some tiny perks and more could be added in future very easily to add further player choice into the game. The general premise should be, you work hard to get these hats in the first instance, but then once you have it, it makes your life a little bit easier in whatever field it is related. Cheers guys, hope to see some valuable feedback on these ideas Van.