alternate uses for damaged armor and weapons

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Just curious what you guys with weapons and armor that is less than like 10% durability after a fight,  I tend to just store them in a chest and make a new one but by day 100 or so i have a bunch of them just lying around and I don't want to use them since you get stunned when they break aswell as not wanting to use an extra inventory slot for something that's just going to break in 2 hits.  so far I have the following uses please feel free to add more,


Log Suit: put in fire and will burn as if you added 4 logs


spear: you can use it to make fire and ice staff but I usually don't have enough gems to turn all of them into staffs


football helmet:???


P.S. also what about wigfrids battle helm and battle spear, as far as i know you cant use them for any crafting

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