Hail to the King! Long live the Frog King!

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The adipose preyer called Pig King ruled far to long over the land,

it is time for a change, time for new monarch.


The Frog King.


Area: You find the Frog King in the swamp (marsh) biom. His "throne" is set on a little island surrounded by black water. It is the same water from the swamp ponds, so you can actually fish in it, it has the same fishing "chance" like the normal ponds and will spawn Mosquitos like the other swamp ponds. Because the island is surrounded by water, you can only visit The King in winter, when the water is frozen. The only way to visit him in other seasons is to use the teleport skill from the Lazy Explorer Staff.


Use: The Frog King will trade items for insects you can bring him.

(the trading items are subject to change, maybe you have better ideas ^^)



1 Butterfly - 3 Marsh Turfs

3 Bees - 1 Spikey Tree cone (you can only plant cones on marsh turf)

3 Mosquitos - 1 Reed Seed (you can only plant Reed on marsh turf)

7 Fireflys - 1 green cap "seed" (you can plant your own green cap now)

10 Killer Bees - 1 Tentacle (you can plant your own Tentacle, even if you are not wickerbottom)

Glommer - a blueprint for a Rundown House (Merm House)

you can build the Rundown House with: 3 boards, 3 cut stones, 3 frog legs and 3 fish

Dragonfly - the Frog King will take of his crown and put his hands on his eyes

(that is only possible, if the Dragonfly is able to get to the Frog King)


Important Notes:

If you have frog legs or a froggle bunwich in your inventory, the Frog King wont trade with you for the rest of the day.


You have to fed Bees and most other insects in your inventory, so it is better to catch them close before winter will start.


The Frog King will sleep at night.


Spikey Trees are not very useful, but have a nice design.


Even if you plant the Tentacle, it will still hate you.


If Glommer follows you to the Frog King, the King will instantly catch him with his tongue and eat him, you will get the blueprint then. (he will give you the same blueprint every time he will eat Glommer)


You can build your own swamp now. Have fun. ^^

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It all sounds good, but overall its unlikely to be implemented.

1) Dont Starve never had some sort of counters for each player so you can see how many of whatever insect did you bring to the king.

2) Seedable mushrooms and reeds? More like consider getting good, Developers did indeed show that their tactic is to make all dat stuff respawnable. It's in development right now, but it works

3) Plantable only on swamp turf? Devs did kinda agree already that you can place whatever you want wherever you want. Like flowers on cobblestone. If it wasnt possible, I'd just do it the legacy way: dig the cobblestone tile, place flower, place cobblestone back. Surely they can do some stuff with checking upon tile changing, but for now it sounds like some idea for mod only.

4) Buildable merms houses? Pls... One-two merm's houses can destroy the *Crazy* hound wave. And besides they are insane sourse of food.

5) Catching 10 killer bees to be able to plant some tentacle? More like OH GOD, WHY? If you want to build whatever your fantasy asks you to, consider using console. Noone will really mind some nice stuff.

6) If I have frog legs, he wont trade with me? Then I wanna challenge his ass! But it has no point in fighting giant frog, really.

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The rewards for the trading are a difficult thing indeed.

Should you get only swamp stuff from him, should you get unplantables from him, should you get unrenewables from him or should you even new items from him? Thats the biggest problem in my opinion, the balancing.


The trade should be worth the effort and you a are right, there is no personal player counter in the game yet, but the reward for only 1 bee or 1 butterfly cant be that good, because they are to easy to catch.


The core of the Frog King idea is, that a creature that will give you nice rewards for insects is set on a island, that is only reachable in winter when the water is frozen or if you teleport on the island.


The rewards are the challenging part. Which interesting item could be worth 1 bee? You have to fed the insects until winter is coming (in most cases) and visit the swamp, so it is a little bit of a hassle to bring it to the King.


On the other hand the rewards shouldn´t be that OP, what has the Frog King to offer? ^^

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Yes, somethting for the summer season would be very nice.


Maybe some thing like that: In winter you have the Iglus of the Huntig Party, in summer the ice from the Iglus will melt and will leave a sea behind, in that sea crocodiles (or hybrids like dingodiles or crocognus ^^) these crocs will sleep in the sea at night and will come on land at the mornig to heat up.


When there bodies are hot enough, they go back in the water to cool down again. They will drop stuff if you kill them, but have much health and do a lot of damage, but they are very slow. Thy will attack anything near the sea, besides of other crocs.


In the sea you can fish a special fish only in summer or something like that, so you feel a temptation to loot that sea: ^^


Or something entire diffrent.

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