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  1. Hugs and Pizza for all.. I'm so tired :3
  2. Awww thanks thats very cute <3 :DDDD
  3. huwaaaah....winter is coming...

    it's so cold outside!!! that's very mean :3

    last week I can wear a t shirt I search my winter clothes...!


    *hot tea or ice tea for all*

  4. ban Piturca because I read "picture" and get confused
  5. I wish a hug with me and @HeilerderWelten :3 Because, today is his birthday!!!
  6. Oh maaan... to get hugs and give hugs isn't easy, if I can't see any notifications :3 *hug myself.. and all who needs*
  7. Just for you :) XD


    1. Asparagus



      "Asparagus the cat"

      :D :) :| :( :wilson_cry:

      quite a roller coaster of emotions...

  8. Thats sooo awsome!!! :3 <3 AND HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY! *huuug*
  9. Good night guys :D


    Have a nice day or night ;)



    1. ImDaMisterL


      Have a good night! :D

    2. Asparagus


      Good night :)

      *4hours ago*

    3. Doctor Donna
  10. 6 hours to Dark Souls 3 and no money :3 :(((((

  11. Headache since a few days.... that sucks hard. I go to bet again.. 09.30am