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Hi, When i'm (on Win10) try to run your program via batch file*, i get error message (on screen).


Did you put the tool in your WINDOWS\system32 folder (or in a folder that exists in your path)?  If not, your computer won't automatically know where to find it.

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@Strelock, is it possible to make it extract those .abld and .adef files? Can that info in builder's readme help to decode them somehow? From "InvisibleInc modding notes" can be seen that Jason find pulling/rebuilding .anim archives from kwads possible =\

It is possible. I think MadDoctor's tool does it. I didn't find them useful so i just do not extract them.


I've made a 101 Editor template for a KWAD file so all information about them is there (here is .adef structure).


I think the author of those notes assumed that my tool can extract ".anim" files. But it is not possible since KWAD builder converts animation.xml and build.xml into more efficient format (known as .adef and .abld in resource aliases) with loss of information. The tool extracts .png and "blob" files only and even if you try to replace .png files that are used in animations as a separate KWAD file they will not replace original ones. Klei should remove that info from the notes (about changing animations) and just give us all original .anim files xD.


You can't change Internationale scarf, sorry :(

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