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Found 16 results

  1. A browser-based tool for editing ONI save files Version 3.8.0 is Here! Features: Compatible with Launch Upgrade Open Source Local editing: The save file is never sent to any server; all edits are performed in browser Split into Standard and Advanced editors Loading and Saving progress reports Editors Difficulty Duplicant Name Gender Appearance Health, stamina, diseases, infections, other values Health state (Alive, Dead, Invulnurable) Skills Experience Job mastery Interests Add and remove Traits Apply and remove status effects* Geysers Emission Type (Now with visual changes!) Lifecycle rates Materials list View total stored and loose material Delete loose material for performance Raw data editor Edit All the Things * While you can find effects like "Vomit" and "NarcolepticSleep" in here, they are purely the "effect" of such conditions. They are what changes the dup's stress or stanima, but do not trigger the actual behavior. Use the save editor at your own risk! Use it sparingly, and do not report crashes for saves modified in uncanny ways. The editor can be found at: Please report bugs and make feature requests at: The site is built in Typescript using the React framework, with Redux as a backing store. Both projects are written in Typescript, and can be found here: Save Parser Library Web Editor Source The editor and its underlying library is fully open source under the MIT license, meaning you can do whatever with it so long as you include the license and my copyright notice with it.
  2. Re-Planter: (my best idea for what it looks like is a magical shovel, would love to hear any other suggestions) Allows you to dig up and re-place usually un-diggable plants. The more valuable the plant, the more durability digging it costs. Tier 1 (10%): Reeds, Cacti, Light flowers, Mysterious Plant (glow berries) Tier 2 (5%): Mushtrees, Totally Normal Trees, Mushrooms & Cave Lichen Tier 3 (1%): Ferns, Flowers & Succulent (*I know you can replant flowers over and over to get the one you want in the spot you want it, but that is TEDIOUS as all get out, and even more so for ferns & succulents which are so much rarer and you need to collect several to craft the darn potted version) Being able to do something so useful, I was thinking it should be loot from a pretty powerful boss. Toadstool could honestly use some better loot (and he is part plant himself) so he seems like a pretty good candidate. I haven't completely thought through the repercussions of being able to extract all the useful parts of a biome and condense them, giving you even less reason to ever leave home - I've mostly wanted the ability to place things for decoration's sake. I'm particularly trying to decide if being able to place underground plants above ground should be allowed as well (I hate going downstairs just to restock on light bulbs sometimes). So please if any one has some opinions to share, I would love to hear. EDIT: And this vaguely related, but I also really want to be able to use Wormwood's crops for decoration but can't because they just rot. : ( If he could use his compost wraps on them to make them rot-proof while in the ground (or a slightly cheaper version, maybe called 'plant food' or something), that would be amaaazing. As I believe they only rot to give them a downside vs. farms, if making them unrottable costs poop (the main farm ingredient) that should level it out.
  3. A chainsaw made with dog teeth Recipe: 1 board, 4 teeth, 1 rope It has 20 uses. Cut tree in one hit. Can be reloaded with teeth 25% per item. Chance of appearing Tree Guard increased by 25%
  4. Hey guys! I'm f4rtux and (ofc) I really love to play to Oxygen not included! I started to play in June and from the beginning I was pleasantly impressed by the game, the atmosphere and the style. The only thing I missed was a quick reference guide (like a cheat sheet) to easily find how to obtain a specific element or for what an element can be used. The software engineer in me has decided for this reason to create a tool: in order to collect all the possible relation between Elements, Buildings, Critters, Plants & Foods. In this first release I focused on data extraction and relations, to provide the "Exploration" part, where is possible, for example, start from Oxygen, see all the possible way to produce oxygen and how you can use it and navigate from a relation to another. In the next weeks I will work on completing the extraction of missing relations (gayser, planet, engine, material bonus applied to building, some minor relation missing, etc.) and implementing the "filter & order by" functionality, to allow, for example, to sort the element by Thermal Conductivity, Specific Heat Capacity, Molar Mass, etc. After that, I've some others idea, but I want first complete this part! Hope you find this useful, Ciao! PS: In the settings you can choose how you want to measure the temperature (K, °C. °F) and the time (seconds or cycle).
  5. Hey! I'm happy to release Tools Not Included - updated for the Launch Upgrade! The site currently features a map browser (before the Launch Upgrade wipe we were at over 50 000 maps!) and a mod to upload them from the game. You can also search for seeds that have the required set of traits: If you wish to contribute to the map database, please refer to I'm still planning on adding new tools to the site Please report issues to the issue tracker here: Discord: (for people interested in the development of my mods or website, or help with modding in general) Happy map hunting! Enjoy Changelog: 30.07.2019 Launch Upgrade Update 27.01. 2019 'Reset all rules' now correctly resets also seed number For seeds collected since 7th Jan: Added a world and geyser visual map Added world element composition - total masses in starting biome and all biomes Added biome size list 12.01.2019: Added an 'exactly' rule comparator for planet and geyser counts rules Brought back the possibility to reset all rules at once Ability to import/export rules using a generated code Minor styling changes 8.01.2019: re-uploaded mods with a hotfix that prevented connection to the server 7.01.2018: The entire front-end rewritten The seed browser filter has been expanded with a custom rule builder Seed details page shows a star map Various performance improvements From now on, two mods will be maintained: manual and automatic. Automatic version (aka the seed miner - not suitable for playing, seed uploading only) works in background and automatically generates and uploads new worlds without interaction. For more information please refer to the Mod Info Page Mod versions 1.0a(utomatic) and 1.0m(anual): Mods do not require debug mode anymore Collecting data about world element composition Mod version 1.0m: As a thanks for sharing, the mod will display a list of geysers in game when you upload a seed. Constraint: uploaded worlds need to be within 60 seconds of their creation and with no cells dug out. December 2018: Updated roughly 1000 seeds so that there are no more seeds left without geyser detailed statistics or lack of Oil Reservoir info 23.11.2018: mod version 0.4 - hotfix mod version 0.3 mod collects data about planets and geyser locations. nothing is done with them yet, but will be! 21.10.2018: mod version 0.3 (the new version of the mod will notify the player in game if it becomes out of date) support for oil reservoirs 19.10.2018: Initial demo release
  6. Hello, wanted to drop a small suggestion: some players endeavor to make these huge grass tuft grass and sappling twig farms, clustered together in close quarters, which become an entire day chore of picking every couple of days (interrupted so often by hounds or other mishaps), because if you don't, they'll surely catch a disease, and this further becomes a huge annoyance in spring, where they grow so quickly. It'd be cool if you could consider adding a craftable scythe tool to help you cut through a bunch of grass tufts or sapplings with some circular or semi-circular AOE so the drops fall to the ground and you can just pick them up faster, or leave them there for later retrieval, allowing the character still to detect diseased plantations. I think such a tool would further encourage the player to make grass and sappling farms for quicker gathering and truly justify the second downside of it, which is disease, considered a garbage mechanic by many players. I like the mechanic, but it's a bit too awkward and underdeveloped because of the issue described above (not being able to counter it unless you pick your plants regularly) - a good chunk of them will surely die if you leave them be for a long period of time. And well, you need a LOT of grass in the entire time you play the game, a tool like this could relieve the monotony of picking endlessly. Surely with such an useful tool I wouldn't mind if it's frail or quite demanding on flint or gold or even marble or a tusk to make McTusk's drops more worthy past getting the Cane and Shanter and the occasional Brush, it'd also make it for a late/mid game tool. Thank you.
  7. Almost done with my mod, just need to get the art done and one last thing, wanted so the character doesn't need a shovel to dig. How exactly would I program that? I just want to use the crafting animation. Nothing to fancy.
  8. Can a tool filter be added to the disinfect tool to be able to mass disable/enable disinfect like the harvest tool.
  9. I was wondering if a tool could be added to separate wires / pipes without being forced to deconstruct and rebuild them.
  10. Version 1.4.1


    These are some super simple tools I made for Don't Starve years ago, recently updated and re-uploaded myself seeing how popular they were. I still believe you should use the official tools for texture creation, but for simply viewing and exploring assets this tool should work great for you. Source code and latest releases are always available on GitHub.
  11. [DST] ForceLAN

    Version 2.2


    This mod forces Don't Starve Together to run in offline mode. When clicking on the Play button on the mainscreen, no popup is shown and the game goes right into the main menu under offline mode, that is, only being able to see, join and host LAN servers. The is primarily meant as a tool for other modders, wishing to reduce iteration times when mod testing.
  12. Just a note: This is, in now way, shape or form, tehMugwump. Serious forum glitch that says I started this thread, but I dinn't... Hey you starving children! It doesn't seem like there's a big masterpost for cosplay yet so I FEEL THE DESIRE TO START ONE... MAINLY BECAUSE I JUST TOOK SOME PICS OF MY COSPLAY BUT HEY. SO! If you've ever cosplayed from the great canon that is Don't Starve FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS HERE!! It'd be great to have a gallery of photos here don't you think??? 8) I also think it'd be cool to have discussion on how to make certain props, work in progress pieces, etc! I'd really just love to see this fandom take off and have a few cosplayers at cons to REPRESENT B) holla I've seen a few cosplays out there already and have compiled some photos SO I'LL POST THEM HERE and leave credit where credit is due, of course On that note~ there's mine! BUT PLEASE POST SOME OF YOUR OWN! And ask questions and work on things and be beautiful!!! uvu i may post some work in progress shots of mine later BUT YEAH!!
  13. Uhhh WTF?????

    You are not alone, the remnants or corps of another in the night..... Spooky....
  14. -this message has been removed- Software can be downloaded on
  15. Day 87: Today I embark on the last great expedition. My mission is to uncover the rest of this island to which I am confined, and explore it in its entirety, or find a way to escape. Day 88: I spent the entirety of today traveling through lands already known to me. I spent the night in a bog, of all places, huddled on a little platform of stone in the middle; out of reach from those nasty tentacles which erupt from the ground and try to eviscerate me on occasion. I've been using one of their spikes as a rather effective, if not crude weapon. Speaking of which, today I witnessed a pack of giant spiders fighting one of them. It did not end well for the spiders, but I felt they had sufficiently weakened the creature, so I attacked. As it turns out, I was correct, and I was rewarded with quite a bit of meat and spider silk, both of which have proven useful in multiple applications in my time here. Day 89: This is it. The end of the island. There is no more land now other than what I have scrawled out before me into a map. There is no escape. I have no choice but to return to the small base-camp that I left behind two days ago. In my haste to discover the boundaries of this strange land, I neglected to explore some of the interior areas of my new world. I will go through them on the return trip, which begins tomorrow. For now, I must try to sleep while surrounded by loudly snoring buffalo-like creatures. At least they aren't trying to kill me. Day 90: I found a large graveyard today. Having success in the past, looting the graves of previous inhabitants of the island, I've made a note to return here. For now, I have not the room in my rucksack for all the treasures buried within. I wonder if these are the graves of previous survivors like myself, dropped into this strange and unforgiving landscape. Will one of these graves be my final resting place? Is my tomb to be looted for the benefit of the next survivor? But enough answerless questions. Today I also discovered one of the most magnificent creatures I have seen to date. It appeared to be a sort of bird, with one large bulging eyeball and legs at least two stories high. Not surprisingly, it tried to kill me. But I let it live and managed to evade its gaze. Its nest had a rather large egg in it, and I feel that this creature may be beneficial to my survival if left alive. Strangely, it seems to be the only one of its kind on the entire island. I wonder why there are not more. I've set up camp in the bog again, at the same place I camped on day 88. Day 91: Home. At least what I now know as home. I sit next to a fire, writing in this papyrus diary, surrounded by a small stretch of farmland and the many contraptions I have made to facilitate my survival. The fruits of my efforts in the last three months. I am saddened by my failure to find a means of escape, but I feel strangely at peace. Tomorrow, I suppose, there is nothing left to do but keep surviving. It's all I can do. I suppose there are worse things. [END] In case you are having trouble with the moral of this little story, here it is; My world contains only one tallbird. One. One tallbird, and one tallbird nest. So much for my dreams of a smallbird army. EDIT: I could have swore I was posting this in the art/lore section. Whoops. If someone could move it there, as I can't seem to delete it on my own, that would be great.
  16. Equip teleporter, click on a place on the map you've already been and get teleported there. This tool would really help my playstyle and i'm sure it help out a lot of other people too.