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  1. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    Bring back Invisible Inc Theme! And set it as a default for InvInc forums! Thank you
  2. simengine is probably a sim that you want. So implicit arg "self" should be your sim.
  3. Wrong include. Use include( "hud/hud" ) Also you didn't import util local util = include( "client_util" ) To debug your problems you can check log file located at "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Klei\InvisibleInc\logs\invisibleinc.txt" log:write("Hello World!") will wring to this file
  4. Sublime's "Go to definition" feature works for Lua but is limited due to nature of a language.
  5. Hey! I've added support for Drag&Drop. No need to fiddling with this pesky console interface. Just drag and drop KWAD file onto the KWADTool executable and wait for the extraction process to finish. You can find extracted files close to your KWAD file inside a directory named <your-kwad-file-name>.d Happy modding!
  6. And all that time i thought that moving diagonally costs 2 AP Pythagorean theorem... Maybe just make it 2-1-2-1-... (since the first squere is 2 AP (1.4 = 2, 2.8 = 3)) and somehow tell it to the player?