looking for tentacle animation resources


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I am working on a creature that uses tentacles as arms. I am in the process of animating them now. BUT I am one of those modders, who if It doesnt quite look right, I try my best to see what other people have done to compare.


Right now I am working on the idle, and the attack.animations. I thought I might see if any animators out there have a good resource link they could pass my way. Also, if animating savvy person out there would like to aid me in cleaning up my animations, to make it more tentacle ish. Please let me know.

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no i did, months ago, lol the problem is, well.... hard to explain. It's placement. But yah, I have the tentacle's basic Spriter I am looking at

The creature is an 8 armed octopus, so it's not as easy as copying Kleis, which I tried last month. Before that, I tried just using full arm animations, but it looked waaaaay too stiff. I have the idle animation looking ok. not great, but ok. And all day I have been animating, deleting, reanimating for his attack animation. 

For size orientation, and just seeing how it's done, I used krane to open up the deerclops file as well. I just worry he'll look like he's flailing about, and not really percieve that he is "attacking" anything. 

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