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  1. Starting to work tonight on some work for a collaboration mod. Making a Death Pig faction of pigs, and starting with Pig King. This is including custom animations walking, death animation (should I make a different one for each faction? that would make it appear less cookie cutter right?) summoning loop, and talking loops.

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    2. NoobModder


      This will take a lot of work. I love it. So, what can I do? Write the code for the pigs to build bases?

    3. RedRock911


      im going to send you a pm ^^

    4. NoobModder
  2. Trying to figure out how to make a head that when he faces left is one face, and when he faces right is that set 4 faced? and does it have anythng to do with the head pieces?

    1. Mobbstar


      Right is left but mirrored :p

      Or was it the other way 'round? I don't remember.

    2. RedRock911


      lol i dont know, I thought I saw a post at some point about how to do it. but my search abilities are failing me. Your response reminded me that I still want to make an Alice in wonderland mod with a cheshire cat event in some shape or form. Thought it'd be cool to have a follower that is a shadow until sanity drops to a certain %. Or heck, even possibly make a cheshire cat playable charecter

    3. Mobbstar


      Well you could try to make a second animation with the other head, and only play that when facing that direction. I have no idea how to do that though.

  3. Holy crap it's a profile feed! Well cool......back to not making my mod work!

  4. example of a hat
  5. First and foremost, thank you for making this tutorial, I have used this as a guide over the last 6-8 months to create many items for quite a few mods I am soon going to be publishing. BUT I had a few questions. Mostly based on mistakes that have cost me months of trying to figure out. 1. Which is the BANK for animations and which is the BUILD? And have you ever seen the folders switched in other item mods? For instance, hats? The confusion for me was where in the ground folder, the tutorial states that that's where we name our build, which is different then the swap folder, which is the build....right? But I could swear some items have the ground folder as the BUILD and the swap folder as the animation BANK. 2. Adding animations: can we add on top of an already completed tutorial file? or does that mess things up? reason I am asking, before I get into error troubleshooting from my other mistakes, I don't want to sit and try to problem solve something that I may have caused, because I tried to add something the game wont recognize. That includes art for the animations as well. Or is it as simple as making sure the artwork is put in the BUILD and Bank folders? I know these are pretty simple questions, But I wanted to make sure I knew the right answer. Thank you again for making such a helpful tutorial. I couldn't of done half the projects I made without your help.
  6. To clarify, I can't just take this out of the box, rename the folder and scml files, and corrosponding script files for it to work can i?
  7. awsome, wanted to know a bit more about this as well for a mod i intend to work on in the future
  8. Ok, so I'm making an edible food type, as far as making the build, its relatively the same steps, except instead of a swap_item file, we just essentially have one file for the ground? (this item isnt going to be on a drying rack or a crockpot recipe)
  9. it will be once i finish up another WIP, Flapjack, I need to add murielle and eustace as well. Once they are in I plan on porting the mod to DST
  10. A good way to tell is to put a cigerette burn ( a dot) on one of the faces while testing. It's what i used to do when I had that problem. Some of the latter faces are hard to tell what they are, but the first few are teh default and blink animations, then side profile, i believe speech is next, and then a bunch of on hit faces, But trial and errors, (and a small dot) are going to be your best friends on this one.
  11. you mean size wise? you may have to shrink up the artwork
  12. Oh she's active, she has been working on a collab. This mod is amazing for alot of reasons.
  13. Did you delete the .tex and .xml files like it says to do in the tutorial? AND did you delete the original layer of the body parts?