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I was helping out a friend with her base... but due to her (or was it my... I think it was mine because I had to reset my router for some reason... our?) internet connections, it was hard for me to help her, let alone move around and I'm sorry for that (I was attacked by a frog... a screen away. Good thing I had Abigail there O__O)


And so, after quitting (getting disconnected) a lot of times, (also she said her computer was over-heating and so led to her getting some "OK Host" to "Bad Host". Maxwell have mercy on our souls O__O), we went to my world for a respite... I was a "Good Host" for the most part (the parts where we didn't go to the thick forests). It was winter, day 100, and were on our way to my base... I gave her a tam o' shanter and a cane as I had just finished hunting the McTusk Clan. Warmth was not lacking as we had a cute heat source... my lavae.


Suddenly, on the road, we come across a Wasp Hive (I set them to more among other threats) and I kept my distance from it. But she was not so fortunate... we thought she was far from the hive... but not far enough... as a horde of angry bees rushed for her, she said that a mysterious force was hindering her movement (her computer was becoming too hot)!


I went to her aid, Chester and Afterburner frozen in shock, (yeah, that's what I named the lavae... hey, gonna squeeze it in here, wouldn't it be nice if we could name them? We can write on signs now right? So I don't think it would be too hard to give lavaes names. Alright, back to the story...) I rushed forward with my tentacle spike and took out one of them then another, and another... or so I would say if she weren't already dead... she was frozen with fear (lagged and couldn't move :T) and they were relentless... with no armor to speak of, only a Tam o' Shanter, she didn't stand a chance...


I placed an amulet on the ground for her to revive, but They wouldn't let her... (yes, lag again... she was rubberbanding like whoa O__O I was still in "Good Host" mode too) and so, we said our farewells; her with an awkward shambling of her immovable ghost form (because lag) and me doing a /dance...


We said goodbye...


*I cry... as Wigfrid* (Check it out!! I'm wiping my tears!! And don't say "no, she's scratching her head", I refuse to conform to society's standards of beauty O__O)


Afterburner and Snowy Chester, fire and ice, ironic allies, wonderful partners... go... go shambling into that good morning... goodbye and goodnight O__O


EDIT: the image did not show up for some reason...

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