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Invisible character

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I know, there is Extended Sample Character and tutorial about it.

​But I'm trying to fix existing character from DS (Wren).


Help me please to figure out, what am I doing wrong.


What did I do:

1) I have neat animation file: wren.zip:




2) Trying to use ktools (krane).

But there is no anim file. There is only build.bin. So I use any random anim file from the game just to be able open it. For example, animation of eating.


3) Okay. Trying to open scml in Spriter:




Everything seems okay. But suddenly I see wrong names:



 There is interesting fact. All is fine if I decompile Wilson build file. But something wrong with Wren build. All images also have strange names:


Also there is strange modified size of each image (in comparison with Wilson) :



4) Using autocompiler.


5) Looking on new build. It is totally different. Now it's 2048x1024 instead of 1024x512.

File atlas-0.tex now 2.7 megabytes.




6) Finally I'm trying to test is ingame. And it does not work. Character is invisible.






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@Maris, after using krane, copy and paste the files into the proper folders in the extended character sample image folders. Rename the images to be exactly like the originals in the folders. You'll have to play with it to figure it out, but you should be able to tell based on appearance of the actual texture.


Remember, when using the extended character sample everything must be named appropriately.

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