Path of the Hunter/Path of Might in need of buffs/rework?


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I agree with you on the path of might analysis. It should both give a second hit point on NG+ (that is, you must be hit twice before dying), and it should give extra points when brawling, since it's borderline suicidal anyway; say, 500 points for every grounded enemy, plus 200 for the peasant death, which would raise the number of points per kill to 700, which seems OK to me, when compared to the path of nightmares.Note though that the Path of Might is the only path, with the path of the Ninja, that has both a distraction item and an attack item.Path of the hunter is weird indeed. The automatic assassinations is virtually useless, since after your tenth kill or so, the number of imperfect kills you do drops to maybe one in a hundred; it is very slightly faster than normal assassinations, since time still goes on while you perform the sliding motion, albeit at a very, very slow pace. Also note that you can refill your weapons at the... uh... upgrading shops, you just have to re-equip the path of the hunter and the respective items, and there are usually one or two per level; with one upgrading shop, there should be four checkpoints for the path of the ninja to break even, so it's close.Anyhoo, it is indeed pretty weak. I would scrap the current penalty too and give it something else, say, guards see you from further away (larger view cones for regular guards). And I would add instantaneous kills (time stops from the moment you click on the assassinate button until the guard is dead), or something along those lines, to help kill guards that are close to each other, since it might be hard to distract them without objects.

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Ya, currently I just use Path of the Ninja if I want an attack and a distraction.I have since posting this realized the broken-ness of Equipment Caches. Given that path of the hunter is actually fine and fills its own niche assuming your willing to go back to the last Cache repeatedly for more items and provided your not on a level where Caches are unavailable some or most of the time (Ink and Dreams for example). That said it seems like if the most viable thing is to run back to Caches to restock then it makes the no refills penalty more of an obnoxious nuisance than a true limitation. Much like the UA it seems to have no real purpose meaning the only distinctive thing on most levels is two attack items which is only important if you need to combo two items for some reason, usually terror dart and insects so you can get terror on everyone in a room with alot of people rather than everyone minus 1.

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Still no ideas for the path of the hunter, but I have a better one for path of might: what if, when you knocked out a guard after a brawl while following the path of might, instead of him falling on the ground, he got disabled, just as elite guards do? That way, you would get 250 points for disabling him, while still getting 400 points for the kill itself, raising the score for one brawl-kill to 650. This has the advantage that it doesn't require any new mechanic, just reusing old ones.

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