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  1. Courage never did it for me for some reason. Not sure why.
  2. I miss that show. It wasn't quite Dexters Lab or Samurai Jack but one of the better thing cartoon network has put out for sure.
  3. I'd say its a combination of roguelike, survival and basebuilding. Definitely not horror. Artistically it strikes me like Charles M. Schultz and Tim Burton had a baby. Edit: Wikipedia's description of it being an 'open world environment' also seems wrong to me. Open world implies a preconstructed world which you can explore freely. Don't Starve is randomly generated, which I think is very different, even if there are no plot corridors. Its like if you were to call Civilization or Torchlight open world.
  4. Oh god, now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head...
  5. Nah that was the spider. A jumping spider more specifically. Phidippus regius I think.
  6. Correct. Some type of snapping turtle specifically (not sure of the species). What do you want to see next HoneyHam?
  7. yes, one to go Last one is actually the first one I thought people would get. Its a well known order and the part from it is really distinctive and pretty obvious.
  8. Giant Isopod was already confirmed for that. It's just the eye and the front part of the abdomin, one of which is an arachnid, the other is a reptile.
  9. As a hint since the eye seems to be really throwing people, the eye was originally green. I picked it for shape not color because color is easy to modify.
  10. One of those three yes. Not entirely correct but figuring out which part is which is just bonus points. Name all five by order or lower and you've got it.
  11. Oh, you are very close. You're missing two. Keep in mind all birds can be ruled out. I listed the classes and aves isn't one of them. And then you didn't list a fifth. You still need an arachnid and a reptile.
  12. EDIT: Ok, that's a subclass (acarina). Dust mite. Nope, interesting guess though.