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Bad frustrations when I think everything is going fine

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I'm playing don't starve for few days, and after each death I always survived some days more. I wasn't able to survive for winter and summer, now I can because I'm doing few experience.

I just survived to the summer that I feared a lot, when a Dragonfly just destroyed everything around me, engaged by pigs. I setup my base near a huge pig villages. Dragonfly is destroying everything included non renewable resources. I just started this new world today so it's not too advanced yet infact i've not created sophisticated weapons and amor except log suit.


In this case what you'd do? Bite the bullet and looking for another good place to restart the base or start another world?

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In this case what you'd do?
I heard you can feed it a stack of ash to make it bugger off, but I always died trying to get it out of my base first.

That's right. Just drop 20 ashes near it when it's not aggroed on you. It will change direction toward the ash, much like moles zeroing in on flint location.


When I hear it approach, I get a stack of 40 ashes and split them in my inventory because I panic easily and plant the first stack too far sometimes. Then the ash blows away before Dragonfly moves towards it. XD

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