[Gameplay] - Deerclops won't die from fire staff


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Deerclops won't die from fire staff

Issue Description: Deerclops spawned, and as I've never seen him before he tracked me and the other player to our base camp. And promptly started destroying everything (much to our dismay). Anyway I happened to have a fire staff, so I started kiting him with that. I must have hit him 12+ times, and then died, picked it up again and hit him another 4+ times and he still didnt die. Friend got 2 swipes in with a spear as well. This seems like an insane amount of health given the wiki says "take several hits to kill it". Or more likely, a bug.


Steps to Reproduce: Have multiplayer DST game.

Wait for winter.

Attack deerclops with fire staff.


Rinse & Repeat.

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The fire staff doesn't do damage in and of itself. It only allows you to set things ablaze from afar. So spamming the fire staff when deerclops is already on fire was doing nothing. 


Also, the deerclops has twice the amount of health he has in the base game, or at least, he does on my server, which is 200+ days.

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