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Rabbits never outside their hole

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I noticed that often I generate worlds with rabbits that always stay inside their holes. The only way to get they out is using the shovel.

Is this a bug or what? I explored a loooooooot of the world and every field with holes has no rabbit outside...

Then if i generate a completely new world, i notice instead rabbits outside.

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They should come out on their own and not forced out with a shovel (destroying the hole).

I know they won't come out at night and possibly during some seasons (can't remember for sure though).


Have you paid attention to them in Autumn during the day?  Do they come out then?  If you leave baited traps near rabbit holes and return a couple days later have you caught anything?


Have you altered the world settings or are you using any mods that may alter the coding for small rabbits?


These are just some trouble shooting ideas.  I'm not super savvy but possibly someone else can figure out your dilemma based on these answers.

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This may be a very dumb question, but might it be that you have RoG on, and that you have spawned during spring when the rabbits don't come out? Have you looked at the rabbit holes? Are they called "Rabbit holes", or "collapsed rabbit holes"?


If they are collapsed, that just means you are in spring. You'll have to wait until spring passes, and summer starts, and then the rabbit holes will open up again automatically.

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Each season has distinct soundtracks, and environmental effects.  You learn to recognize them over time.  I find Autum/Spring quite distinct.  (winter/summer are easy)


I don't think there's a way to get rabbits in Spring that doesn't involve digging up their holes with a shovel.  Unfortunately that action destroys the hole permanently, so it's generally a bad idea.  On the other hand spring has a ton of growth, so it's a great time to pick berries or collect 'shrooms or grow things in farm-plots.  It's pretty good for gathering butterflies as well since the flowers regenerate during spring.  Of course things like hunting are moderately season-independent, although drying racks will take longer to dry things in the rain.


Basically, if it's spring you should find another food strategy than rabbits.  (which are a fairly basic strategy many people don't like to use much once they learn others)

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You can also set your world to always start in Autumn. :)


That way you can get your preferred food production/farm/spider thingy going before Spring hits and won't have to rely on rabbits.


Tips for knowing seasons:


- Birchnuts and the deciduous biome floor turn red/orange/yellowy



- greenish tint of the screen (kinda like how winter is bluey)

- All bees turn hostile

- Collapsed rabbit holes

- Random flowers spawn

- Lots of rain



- yellowish tint on the screen

- Stand for 15 seconds in open space and you'll start roasting :o



- snow/bluish tint on the screen


You can probably install mods too but I haven't used it and don't know what it's called... there's a mod with lots of indicators and extra meters for temperature and humidity and stuff.

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