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We've all been there. You try to build an enclosure for your bee boxes so the bees don't make your life hell during spring but they just fly over it to sting you anyways. I would like a wall similar to this to be added:




It can require wood and silk to build. It would be flammable just like hay and wood walls. I would like to make an actual flower farm by enclosing bees, I would like to keep bees contained with their bee boxes during spring, and I think it would even be cool to be able to release birds into an enclosure that has these walls. I know there are no roofs in DS, so an item like the razor could be added to clip birds' wings before placing them inside. This item would ideally have no durability and not take up an equipment slot. The birds could require feeding to be kept alive but would only eat seeds or berries and would not produce eggs. Guano is a possibility though. They could be used as a means to summon Krampus (capture enough birds and kill them all at once), a way to extend the life of the morsel (catch a lot during autumn and keep them alive with seeds while you eat them 1 by 1 in winter), or even just for cosmetic effects. 


I got off topic as this post is primarily about the walls to keep flying creatures inside. The whole bird suggestion is completely optional. What I want the most is a wall that will actually contain bees in an area.

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Both ideas great but the one about containing bees is the bees knees (hurr hurr hurr). We really need something that can contain them since right now they end up being a huge nuissance. I've completely given up on placing lots of flowers near my bee boxes and instead simply place them really far away from my base so that they can slowly produce honey off screen and not mess with my pigs, beefallo, coons, frogs and most of all - attract fire hounds to the boxes.

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I really like this idea. I feel like I'm one of the few like OP who like to catch bugs in this game and use them for crazy purposes. I like to use them for pvping in unexpected ways. I've used 10 mosquitos to pull a group of beefalow away from another player to attack them because they attacked me. And I have used bees to surprise pvpers if I am killed in battle (my record is 40 killer bees). This wall will have more of a farming purpose. I'd like to use it for butter fly gardens. I do see it's aspect in pvping and greifing though. 


I only know how to do this stuff with bugs because I adore their animations and really wish they had more of a purpose. I am proud to say I did that with the mosquitos. Adding a wall like this would give these awesome bugs a new dimension to explore.

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You can already stop flying creatures like bees by having at least a level 3 wall in place. Place something like a stone wall down and repair it once, with the exception of birds obviously, nothing else will be able to pass over/through it.


There's no point in adding a special wall for this function when current ones already do it.

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