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Should this be added?  

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I'd love this feature, especially in dense forests. It is really difficult to clip on the logs without accidentally walking or chopping at another tree. The only problem I see in this is max inventory space, but if it was full then you just wouldn't pick up anything. This would make the harvesting of supplies soooo much easier and smoother. Also it would mean more ips (items per second) :)

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Sorry mate, it's a no for me too. It's an unnecessary change that will make the game slightly easier because you won't have to pick something up under pressure. (Kinda diminishes the challenge of mining while being attacked by a million hounds. :) )

I'm all for any mechanic that takes away the drudgery of small tasks (like moving things in and out of chests). There should be a command that makes Wilson pick up all of the items in a small radius around him. This is similar to a "collect all" command when looting corpses on any mainstream RPG.

The fact that it MAY diminish the challenge of mining while being attacked by hounds (LOL you're a brave one :) ) doesn't happen often enough to justify not having a mechanic that takes the drudgery out of some of the more menial everyday tasks in Don't Starve.

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