Ridiculous Berry Bushes Spawn Rate!

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Hello Everyone,


I recently realized that berry bushes spawn in spring and this spawn rate is ridiculously high. I am playin by myself in a world to see how far I can go and all settings were on default when i started to this world. Berry Bushes keep spawning too much in spring which makes game too easy. If developers are gonna stick to this update, dont starve is going to be a berry eating game. You nerfed a lot of things already which I like, you nerfed volt goats and they do drop 2 meat instead of 3 in rog dlc. But why the hell this  high berry bush spawn rate.. I understand things do burn in summer or for dedicated server its impossible to keep servers over 300 days because everything is being burnt by players and nothing leaves so you want to replace that burnt berry bushes, maybe you are gonna spawn more things in a world like that over time, but please be little bit sensible on its spawn rate... I am on day 319 in my world, single player world in DST, and look at how ridiculous the game is... Berry bushes everywhere even though I started to the game with default settings.



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Even tough I did not yet saw that extreme bush spawns as on the images, playing together with my friend, I always seem to aquire 30-40 bushes around 5th day, which is also a bit much imo.

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