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(EULA) Consent to Monitoring

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When you are using the Game, the Game may monitor your computer’s random access memory (RAM) for unauthorized third-party programs that interact with the Game and are prohibited by this Agreement. If the Game detects an unauthorized third-party program, the Game may, without notice to you, communicate that information to us, including your Account information, your internet protocol (IP) address, details about the unauthorized third-party program, and the time and date that the unauthorized third-party program was detected. If the Game detects the use of an unauthorized third-party program, your access to the Game may be terminated. You hereby consent to this monitoring.


What exactly is "unauthorized" third-party programs? It hasn't been mentioned as such before, and technically anything could be considered as such a thing (unless there is a clear legal definition in Canada).


Pardon this spontanous question. I know everything in the EULA is just to reserve the rights, and doesn't imply that it's being done. I'm just curious about the definition of "unauthorized third-party programs".

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