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[Suggestion] Friendly & Social - Drop everything before leaving

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Hi ladies and gentlemen,


I know there have been a bunch of anti-grief threads posted due to looting and leaving the server with all items gathered. I had also searched those threads for a possible match compared to my suggestion, but... well, ... My idea is a bit different.


There has changed something or was at least all the time present! Just a few players -like me- drop everything from their inventory next to a base and/or player/s before they must leave for various reasons. Those are sure they won't return back in time to continue, but possibly later again on a new created world.


Now I wanna suggest:


-> Add a keybind option into DST to open "THE" drop menu

-> This feature drops everything you have within your inventory & backpack

-> It should look like and work as you have died, just without death

-> You dropped everything within a second?

-> Leave the server pleased & successfully


I am really too lazy - maybe too busy - to get into LUA-coding. I might need 3 or 7 days to be able to learn and then to code such a plugin/mod, but I think it should be better to fully and officially implement this idea/feature into DST.

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Maybe better is just drop your backpack and create a new one, fill it and drop that one also. Tools/Weapons clothes/armors can be dropped just onto the ground. Advantage: Rocks, gold, ... will not accidently be eaten from moleworm; food will not get spoiled faster under rain, ....


And if you prebuilded something, then build these buildings ( maybe you gonna create a little own base with a chest, where you can also fill some things, too)




If you still like to drop all things on the ground, lookup in the death-event-code (programming is not in this case difficult). There you may copy some methods and bind them under an key-typed-event.


Maybe someone can write an mod, that an admin can press from 'Y' to 'P' (5 keys) and from 'H' to 'L' (4 keys) and each key refers to an logged player and if you press for example 'L', the 9th player get instantly killed and kicked XD



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