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Having a hard time fixing my mod.

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So i have been trying to fix my character mod for a while now and i can't seem to fix it regardless what. Anyone wanna take a look for me?


Current known errors are:

The recipes don't show up

crashes when scrolling all the way down in the structures tab


The mod file:

attachicon.gifDrok DST.zip

for the crashing at scrolling, try listing both .xml and .tex files in both prefab and modmain (idk which one works but do both for incase)

as for the recipes now showing up

look at this and use it as a sort of template (also i made my own tab so yea)

--i am not doing placer recipes due to lack of knowledge on such recipes.local redpaintrecipe = Recipe("redpaint", {Ingredient("ash", 2), Ingredient("rocks", 1), Ingredient("berries_cooked", 3)}, RECIPETABS.REFINE, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE)redpaintrecipe.atlas = "images/inventoryimages/redpaint.xml"local wigstanrecipe = Recipe("wigstan", {Ingredient("wigstanstone", 1), Ingredient("redpaint", 2, "images/inventoryimages/redpaint.xml")}, RECIPETABS.REFINE, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE)wigstanrecipe.atlas = "images/inventoryimages/wigstan.xml"local wigstanfullrecipe = Recipe("wigstanfull", {Ingredient("wigstan", 1), Ingredient("beefalowool", 5), Ingredient("rope", 3)}, RECIPETABS.REFINE, TECH.SCIENCE_TWO)wigstanfullrecipe.atlas = "images/inventoryimages/wigstanfull.xml"local beefalo_hiderecipe = Recipe("beefalo_hide", {Ingredient("beefalowool", 6), Ingredient("houndstooth", 1), Ingredient("rope", 1)}, RECIPETABS.DRESS, TECH.SCIENCE_TWO)beefalo_hiderecipe.atlas = "images/inventoryimages/beefalo_hide.xml"local javelinrecipe = Recipe("javelin", {Ingredient("twigs", 2), Ingredient("rope", 1), Ingredient("houndstooth", 1)}, RECIPETABS.WAR, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE)javelinrecipe.atlas = "images/inventoryimages/javelin.xml"

hope you get it working soon

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ill just throw in there, that u should use the AddRecipe function instead in DST:

example from my mod:

AddRecipe("larva_drone", {Ingredient("meat", 1)}, GLOBAL.RECIPETABS.TOWN, GLOBAL.TECH.NONE, nil, nil, nil, nil, "yourcharacterprefab","images/inventoryimages/larva_drone.xml")GLOBAL.STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.LARVA_DRONE = "Spawn Drone."
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