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  1. Finally, Drok is remastered, and it's available for DST!

  2. My auto compiler doesn't work anymore :(

    1. Mobbstar


      Did you try turning it off and on again?

      aka reinstalling, compile other mod

  3. Drok the Caveman

    I hereby do not give you permission to port, change and/or upload any of my mods, including Drok the Caveman. There. I am currently creating Drok for DST so hold your horses. Not asking the creator of a mod if they are ok with you uploading or changing his mod, and saying in your defence that you havent heard of them, is ridiculous.
  4. Woohoo! Drok the Caveman has over 5000 downloads on steam and klei combined! :D

  5. Does anybody have knowledge of the steam workshop? My mod i uploaded is not downloading in the mod screen. :(

    1. Mobbstar


      Have you subscribed to it? It should automatically download the newest version whenever you open the mods menu (unless you install the Manual Workshop Updater mod by Simplex)

    2. QuickShot010


      Yes i subsribed to it

    3. QuickShot010


      But everybody has the same problem not only me so that sucks ass

  6. Drok the Caveman

    Can you send me a personal message with your crash log? I will look into it.
  7. Drok the Caveman is now also available on stean :)

  8. Need help with "fanfic/comic

    Make Wilson use his overly manly beardhair
  9. Need help with "fanfic/comic

    Let Wilson create a dummy, sort of like the resurection statue. Wilson uses the dummy to fool the throne into taking the dummy and both Wilson and Maxwell run away from the throne. Love the art too
  10. HOORAY! Just uploaded Drok the Caveman 1.5 :)

  11. I hate character speech strings...

    1. MidrealmDM


      What's wrong?

    2. QuickShot010


      They are too much work... Over 1100 lines of strings D:

      BUT I AM DONE NOW! RoG and Vanilla! All custom speech for Drok!

    3. MidrealmDM


      Yep - I hate it too,

      part of the reason my ideas for two other character mods have lain dormant.

  12. Drok the Caveman

    I'm glad you guys like him, Drok 1.5 is coming very soon and i think you'll love the update! Cheers!
  13. working hard on the Drok 1.4 update :)

    1. Prince143


      Jeeezzz ... don't take it seriously ... go take a break

    2. QuickShot010


      haha, i enjoy it!