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  1. @rezecib @Aquaterion @DarkXero Thank you guys so much for helping me out! The last script of Rezecib worked now, you have no idea how much you people helped me.
  2. Yes, i'll try the AddPlayerPostInit method and keep you guys up to date.
  3. My modmain is the same as in the message i sent before, and this is my ingame screenshot: As you can see the recipes are still here, is it because i didn't yet add the primitive_shovel prefab? That seems unlikely though. What should i do now? EDIT: Just removed the GLOBAL.AllRecipes.shovel.builder_tag = "ordinary_dude" line but it is still not working.
  4. @rezecib I used your code in the modmain but my character is still able to craft the recipes in game... I really have no idea what i'm doing wrong here. This is my modmain.lua:
  5. Yes, but for some reason that doesn't work. I might be making an incredibly dumb mistake, but i just placed the code in my modmain and changed the "my_mod_character" with my prefab name: "drok". EDIT: NVM, let me try what rezecib said just now
  6. Oh i see that now! As @rezecib mentions using AddPlayerPostInit is an abomination, i am not sure why, but let's see how we can script this the most clean way! So how would this be done? Sorry for asking so many questions
  7. I tried, but it seems like it's not working, is there something i need to change except "my_mod_character"? This would make my mod incompatible with other character mods though...
  8. I made new prefabs: primitive axe, primitive pickaxe and a primitive shovel and i made them craftable for only the character of my mod. But now i want to have the normal axe, pickaxe and shovel recipe disabled for only my character, Does anyone of you know how to achieve this? Thanks in advance!
  9. I think it will not really make a difference with the way i have it right now. The only thing i still have left to do is disable the normal axe crafting for my character (i don't know how to do that? Maybe change the science needed to craft it to 9999 only for my character?) and i need to get those sortkeys working, but i'm having a bad time with them. The game just tell me it has an error and i need to check the log but the log says NOTHING useful at all as far as i can see. Do you think you can help me with this? cheers!
  10. I made a custom axe, a more primitive looking one that i want to be only craftable by my modded character (got this working already). I got everything working in game but i want the default axe to be replaced by the primitive one in the crafting menu. I firstly want to get the new primitive axe prefab to be the first item in the tools list, just like the default axe. My guess is to use sortkeys, but i have no clue how they work in DST. I hope one of you guys can help me out. cheers!
  11. The method you have in mind is a bit cleaner right? And I am planning on making the pickaxe primitive at some point as well, this way it would still be able to craft the heat rock thing for example right? I have a few questions though, does your method allow for custom dialogue, the axe being named "primitive axe", inventory images and ground animations? I'm interested to see what you have in mind! Cheers!
  12. That is excactly what i meant! I just want the normal axe to be disabled for only this character, and the primitive axe on the same spot as the normal axe, so you don't have to scroll down all the way (i already made the primitive axe only craftable for my character, but now i need to disable the normal axe only for my character) For some reason using " primitive_axe.sortkey = 1 " crashes the game, did sortkeys change in DST?
  13. @Aquaterion I thank you! Do you happen to know something about sortkey? If i put the axe on sortkey=1 in the tools tab, it would disable the crafting of the standard axe and replaces it with the primitive one is that correct? And would it disable the recipe only for this character or for all characters? Or maybe you know a more efficient way to do this? Thanks once more!
  14. Dear readers, For my character mod: Drok the Caveman, I decided to replace the normal (metal) axe for a more primitive one. I made a new prefab called "primitive_axe" and made it craftable only for Drok. The problem i am having is the swap animation is not working. I took the swap_axe zip from the game files, renamed the zip to "swap_primitive_axe", renamed the build to "swap_primitive_axe", and changed the atlas-0.tex to my own custom one, a reskinned version of the metal axe. Now everything works in game: Inventory image, crafting, chopping trees with it, inspecting it, ground animation... everything! Except one thing... The character is holding an invisibile axe! Does anyone know how to fix this? This is the "primitive_axe.lua":