Animator for hire!


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(sorry to my english, i am from brazil!)

if you want a custom animation, you can call me!

but, this have a problem: i'm not good making front/back animations, but i'm very good with side animations.

i just want to help to create some super mods (and my mod is walking so slow.), so this is all.

an example of my artwork:


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Hmmm... Not interested in free? Cost? Will you do Unimplemented Characters like Wallace?



Good point, also, can you post some DS portfolio stuff? I'd like to see some of your work. AND if you don't have any, might I suggest doing some free work to build a portfolio? 


Cause I might have someone that can help you build it.....someone in this very post (psssst...pick me!)


I have a workload I could use help with. I can do the work myself mind you, BUT things would go alot quicker if I had someone in my corner. That being said, I'll pay for some work if you and I work well as a team, and we get some of the mods on my list knocked out. And I promise, nothing too extensive. At least not until I am paying for it. 

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