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  1. Left/Right click mixed up

    I guess I should screenshot when I have Inspect Item as the only option so you see what I mean
  2. Occasionally when I join a new server, without changing any of the settings, I just find that the function of left and right mouse clicks are mixed up in game. So, for example, in order to pick a sapling I have to right click on it. For some items that there isn't normally a right click option for it, it is just locked into Inspect item, etc. I have to actually close DST and reload to get rid of the bug.
  3. Wanda, Nature's Frenemy

    Not really, @limoliyadeqianmi. The key concept is, she can milk goats and has an insulated bag so the milk lasts longer. Her diet is not restricted in any way, she doesn't have a portable crockpot (she just knows how to build the normal base structure from the start). Nothing like the cook, really!
  4. Wanda, Nature's Frenemy

    WILMA THE MILKMAID - NEW CHARACTER IDEA. What do you guys think of this idea for new character that spawns with an Insulated Bag (icepack) and 4 Goatsmilk (good for icecream!). She has the Crockpot and Icebox recipes from the start, as well as a custom recipe to turn live Butterflies and Milk into Butter, which of course can be used in the crockpot to make Waffles (most healthful food - even more so than Fishsticks, Flower Salad, Dragonpie and Pierogi). Here's an initial sketch by Willette, I want to figure out how to give her similar abilities as the Beefalo Milk and Cheese mod, , but only with goats (makes it a bit less OP, since they're usually restricted to the desert). Milk is also great for making Icecream, which helps during Summer / when crazy.
  5. Wanda, Nature's Frenemy

    225+ subscribers on Klei (as well as 200+ on Klei forums)! Thanks so much for your support, guys. Please make sure you vote how many stars you reckon Wanda is worth up the top. Also, subscribe on Steam as well, rate her up there, favourite her if you're really keen, and above all leave some constructive feedback in the comments. I have nearly finished the English speech script for her, and there are a couple of small tweaks I'm about to make for Russian compatibility which I will upload in beta version 0.6 Sorry the speech script took me so long, I made the mistake of writing it down by pen first, which took me forever to edit/type up, then I was distracted by playtesting her, and of course trying out the new Shipwrecked DLC in solo DS
  6. Wanda, Nature's Frenemy

    Thanks to Zackreaver and DarkXero for initial help with the pre-beta coding and making me feel like all my dreams for a mod character could indeed come true, to Vivalavie for doing a great job on the art (fulfilling all my exacting specifications), and especially to Maris for bringing it all together and also adding additional coding as well - you're a tireless worker, mate!
  7. Wanda, Nature's Frenemy

    Other ideas... Expand the use of the Magic Trowel to make Reeds, Cave Banana Tree, Ferns and Light Flowers "trowelable" (diggable) Unique uses for glowberries (wormlight) and Lightbulbs? Also use foliage to craft garlands (flowerhat), or fernhat with alternate art? Increase effect of Nature Deficit Disorder (negative general dapperness) and give positive sanityaura from cave_fern and pottedfern, as well as increase positive dapperness from wearing "natural" dress / armor ANTIFREEZE (prevents effect of Winter on farms / lureplants) crafted using Glommer poop (glommerfuel)
  8. Wanda, Nature's Frenemy

    Steam version is uploaded here, , it is now public so feel free to share it on your various social networks / Klei / Steam status updates. Message me on this forum and send a friend request on Steam if you want to add me to your friend list
  9. Version 0.7


    Public beta is now available on Steam, While Wanda is entirely playable in her current form, I still consider her a Work In Progress due to more features to come. The texture art has been completed, anim seems to be working correctly now, I wanted to release it as a beta to start public playtesting. Next we need custom sound (currently it's just the violin from the unimplemented character, Wallace). Speech script is half done but not yet uploaded (this beta is still Wilson), however everything below has been coded. There are more features to come in the Further Development section. So, while it is not yet complete, please give as much constructive feedback on balancing, etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wanda the Druidess - "Nature is my Frenemy" Back Story Cursed by Porvata, Polish god of the Woods, for carving her name into a sacred tree. Wanda has a love-hate relationship with nature. Stats Health 160 Hunger 125, x0.83 hunger rate Sanity 130, -1/min dapperness generally, but Sanityaura +10/min when near flowers Starting Inventory Lureplant Fleshy Bulb 4 Leafy Meats Floral Shirt Nature Scientist Starting recipes: - Shovel - Pitchfork - Basic Farm - Nightmare Fuel - Papyrus - Bandage - Honey Refining - Manure At Science Machine, can prototype: - Pumpkin Light - Improved Farm - Bucket O Poop - Bush Hat At Prestihatitator, - Magic Trowel (can transplant up to 3 cacti) At Shadow Manipulator, - Lureplant Summoning Scroll Lureplant Farming Eyeplants are not agro at Wanda Can harvest their lure without it retracting its eyeplants and going back to "just planted" stage Can hang leafy meat on drying racks to make leafy jerky Ovo-lacto Pescetarian Seafood is the only meat that her vegetative metabolism is able to manage. Anyways, she has a hard time appeasing Porvata as it is, let alone having to deal with Krampus were she to kill too many innocents. So, what she can eat is: Vegetables, fruit, leafy meat, ice, birchnuts, seeds, eggs, electric milk, butter, honey, fish, eels and froglegs (but not any other kind of meat) Crockpot recipes that contains the above as primary ingrediants Raw birchnuts (-1 health, +6 hunger, -5 sanity) Flowery Hair Grows at a similar rate to Wilson's beard, delays overheating like a Summer Frest, when cut at half length provides 6 fresh flower petals and +30 sanity; at full length, provides 12 fresh flower petals and 1 cactus flower and +60 sanity ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Currently working on fully customising all of the speech script (some of it is still Wilson's) I was thinking her sounds instrument could be like Da Vinci's viola organistraor a Polish Suka, Compatible with Russian language pack Eventually I will need images for the magic books and Magic Trowel (purple shovel) and a few other things in the Further Development, as well as sprites / anim / sound for the custom treeguards if I ever go on to do that too
  10. Food Guide, Crock Pot Simulator

    Stopped working? It says, "This webpage is not available"?