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  1. What really happened to Einstein? Did Hitler kill those people? Is North Korea propaganda? Was Anne Frank a fake? Did the aztecs even exist? Are the pyramids ancient? How were they made?
  2. Set filters to open topics only, and go to last page.
  3. History is in the curriculum. This is history. I am a teacher, you are a student. You have learned. XD
  4. Past is fun.... 3 years ago. Oldest open topic. Round of applause, anyone? XD
  5. OML READ THE POST SKRUBLORDS Maxwell's lines change after you save her. He can tell the difference. His Adventure mode lines also change. Charlie, oh charlie. Maxwell escaping the throne had some bad consequences? Charlie is not one of Them Charlie is human. It is not her being that attacks them. It is her mind. They force her. Her being is banished to the tropical islands to rot forever Until... Fid messes up her name, Wilson arrives to save her! Then gets shanked Wilson searches for her, but only one man is rumoured to know of her whereabouts, and locked in a cage for all eternity, the key thrown to a stupid Dodo. Woodlegs. He has a map to her... but when he arrives? A flower was left, a rose (or some crap) The second he grabs it, whimpers are heard in the distance, and an amount of radio static. Wagstaff is trying to comfort Charlie, but fails, and when Woodlegs runs up to her? "STOP!" He is grabbed by shadow hands. He must go through 6 worlds to save his DamselInDistress She's locked in the BDSM Nightmare Throne Wagstaff is constantly tormented by screams from his radio. Why did she have to burn that factory? Why? Charlie is freed, but They are stronger. They want her back And they will do ANYTHING, to get her. TL;DR - READ IT SCRUB Charlie's perks and drawbacks. Nightmare Shadows attack her at night. Well, just one. Mr Skits wants his wife back. Her sanity drains at a double rate of normal at night, but she is used to Maxwellian evil flowers. One way or another, She will find the Magician. (Wagstaff is never seen again, instead disappearing, running away. Cue DST and he's made it through the portal. Through the Ages, he has seen some crap. He was beaten to hell and back. But why did the demon do it? FIND OUT NEXT TIME.) WILSON DIDN'T MAKE THE PORTAL. HE DIDN'T MAKE THE RADIO. HE REINVENTED WAGSTAFF'S CREATIONS. *Castawallace lies dying on an island.* One SW Character is auto-unlocked cus why not Dunno where this belongs, but you will love it anyway.
  6. AIien. Or NeiI A, backwards... EDIT - Name a consqiracy
  7. Siamese Name another totally random and ugly thing.
  8. UnionGaming Name another person who refers to themself in the third person.
  9. Fidooop! Name another forum member that's completely lost it.
  10. Maxwell Name something evil.
  11. A failure of an act Name a famous performance