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Correct use of killerbees and Me


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Okay, where do I begin?

Yesterday I had some sort of private Lets Play for a few of my friends, I connected my lap to the TV and let my firends watch my struggle in my constant fight for survivng because, lets face it, nothing is funnier then seeing your friend get eaten by 3 spiderqueens and her minions :black_eyed:

After nearly dying 3 times in a attempt to get rid of this walking plague I used everything I gathered up within 130 days of surviving. Toothtraps didnt do the job, 12 of my trusty bees released from a few beemines gave their live while killing only 1 spiderwarrior, my firedarts werent as effective as I hoped and attacking with my tentacle spike was only a valid option if suicide was the secondary object. Well after, as alredy metioned, 3 attemts to kill those nasty creatures, and many "almost deaths" of my friends due to too much laughing, I decided to use my secret weapon. A stack of 30 killer bees.

With new courage in my heart I walked right into the front of the enemy army with the words:

"Herye Herye! I declair you creatures to be banned from this lands due to your violent and inappropriate beahvior"

Relesasing my Killerbees with the last word.

.....well what then happend was probably the most funny thing my friends ever saw in their entire goddamn life.

Of course the killerbees didnt attacked the spiders as the original intention was.. NO!, they forged a secret pact with the spiders and now BOTH of this $)=%?!=""!!(?$=&(´§$!)%´( chased me.

Luckily for me I always have a backup plan. A quick visit in my local swamp and a few tentacle-attack-dodges later a pan flute saved my life. After heading back to mother base for licking my wounds..., and my friends collapsing on the floor, I had a moment of clarity. With 3 pan flutes and 2 spider helmets equipped, I finally went out for one last time and finally vanished this evil from the face of my isles.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little story and may you leave a comment in HOW THE HELL to CORRECTLY USE GODDAMN KILLERBEES?!

Thx ~Q

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...i belive, they, have no use other to commit suicide to make a new world. instead of using a bug net, just kill them! they drop normal bee drops ( i think they do, anyways) and are pretty much there to discourge any bee attacks from you, the player. so moral of story: catching killer bees is pointless, unless if you hate your life.

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Well, that explains a few things. And I took them out of my chest with the words: " Look at them buddies, those are killerbees, the WMD of Dont Starve!" ;"Really, did you tested them yet?" ;"Of course I did, they deal a decent amount of damage even if I do wear my beekeeper hat." ;"Yes they do good damage to YOU, but what about.." ;"This is not the time for questions my firend just watch an admire my epic victory in a few seconds" ;"Aehrr yes, I will xD"

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i have to say though, this story is quite remarkable... okay, im done with the fancy words. even if it's extrav- NO! GOLLOM WANTS PRECIOUS!!!- whats going- SHUT UP U! GOLLOM HAZ CHEEZEBURGE- noooo! it's mine!- GOLLOM WANT PRECIOUS!!!!! *continues being crazy and possesed by a fictional character*

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