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[REQUEST] Create a new item art and animations

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Hi guys, I made a mod to add a structure to the game, the Synthesizer.


It is a structure that, when fed with a resource, produce a number of that resource after a time (for common resources, it pop 5 new after a day, but for boss resources, it's only one after an entire week). basically anything that's pickable can be added to the mod, but I limited it to resources so the player can have an infinite amount of finite resources, like gears. You won't have to worry about not finding more gear anymore !


Now for the art. The machine grow the resource like a bee box, so resource appear one by one and can be collected early to stop the growing.

What I need is a structure like this :





Kinda like the science machine. It has a base structure, an oven opening (open when you can add stuff in it, closed otherwise), a dial with the number of item currently harvestable, a thermometer to show when the next item will end, and a weel that show that the item is currently synthesing (synthetising ?) something. Of course, thoose elements don't have to be exactly what I wrote as long as they serve the same purpose, if you have ideas, feel free to tell them.


As you can see, i'm a big d*ck in drawing, even more on a computer. I need someone that could draw the elements in a don't starve style, and make the animations (I think I could manage the animations if you don't want to.).


Help me please so you can use this mod as well ! It's currently 90% functionnal, and I just need the animations for last tests ! 


thanks a lot !

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I know that feeling. Even if it's just simple things, it's hard to find someone who can (and wants to) do it for you.


I suppose I could rip you some existing game assets and animate that machine, I'm good at doing that (as you can see in my mods). Since you don't mind minor aberrations in the design, that shouldn't be too difficult either.


The only thing I'm worried about is the item preview. Ideally, it should be a symbol for overriding (similiar to hats on the player animation). That way every animation only needs to be made once, and the progress indication can even be done directly as animations for each step too. I've never made that though, only tried and failed a long time ago, so maybe I can do better now.


What do you think?

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always interested, I have to admit that I know nothing about animations. I think I'm going to create shitty graphics for now to see how it works. If you are interested and you got something, let me know :)

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