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Is There A Way To Disable Hats?

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Yes, there is, as far as I know.


But instead of asking everything here, why not search for a method before then show us what you have and why you couldn't do it.


I recommend looking at mods that have what you are looking for.

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As the title says, I need to know if there is a way to make it so my character mod can not wear hats. The character I'm making has a baby walrus on his head, so he can't smother it with a hat.


I'm curious too, I have a charecter who is just a head, and would like to know, so if you find a solution, share with the rest of the kids! OR if you know a way to be able to mod the hat slot, let me know, again, I can redo some artwork and make the charecter without his own hat, (or make his hat a craftable item) but it would take some shenanigans to get it to work.


so please let me know what you find! and post links!

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@WalrusMan @RedRock911

-- where inst is the player instancelocal old_Equip = inst.components.inventory.Equipfunction inst.components.inventory:Equip(item, old_to_active)	if item and item.components.equippable		and item.components.equippable.equipslot == EQUIPSLOTS.HEAD then			return false	else		return old_Equip(self, item, old_to_active)	endend
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