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suggestions to new threats to the game monsters,plants etc...

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(new to the forum)I just created this account to post my very own first thread and to see if any one likes the idea this thread is about an idea I had, well yesterday I made a new game when I started I was really desperate for stone and didnt find any around me so I went exploring (my map was generated as continents) so after awhile of exploring something like after 20min I found a whole island of stone so my first thought was "This is kinda easy" you know to find 35+ more stone in one place with nothing guarding it and this is when the idea came to my head, why not add some sort of golem the golem sleep in this huge pile of rocks and as you strike youre pickaxe on some rock you wake up a huge golem whom will start chasing you this golem will have tons of HP but low damage and he will drop some kind iron maybe and with this you can make better armor or something.I want to know youre opinion about this idea(sorry for bad grammar).

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Excellent idea.

Make dungeons too. Make them so once you enter you need to pass the whole dungeon to exit to the surface. Fill them with enemies and that would really be surviving. The rewards at the end of the dungeons should be high enough of course.

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You have the Treeguard who protects dem Pines. Krampus protecting all the little bunnies, piggies and birdies. Tallbirds protecting their eggs. Spider Queens *kind of* protecting their dens. Bees protecting their honey. Gobblers protecting the berries (or otherwise just being highly annoying), etc.

I don't see why there shouldn't be Golems protecting resources.

Seriously this game just needs 2 things:

A resource system that forces players to have to leave their bases; and

A world that protects these resources and requires the player to take risks in order to attain them.

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Thanks for the postive replys guys,And the dungeons idea is nice but I think it will be alot of work for the devs to do.

Programming wise I wouldn't think it would be much overhead. I mean they already have the world generation engine. I am sure it could produce rather nice dungeons.

But I do think it would probably be a lot of work asset wise, so yes, you are probably right.

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