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  1. "World of Don't Starve" AKA W.O.D.S. (for lack of any good ones, this is the worst I could come with)
  2. Programming wise I wouldn't think it would be much overhead. I mean they already have the world generation engine. I am sure it could produce rather nice dungeons. But I do think it would probably be a lot of work asset wise, so yes, you are probably right.
  3. Excellent idea. Make dungeons too. Make them so once you enter you need to pass the whole dungeon to exit to the surface. Fill them with enemies and that would really be surviving. The rewards at the end of the dungeons should be high enough of course.
  4. Constantly keeping a safe distance from your opponent, so that you can easily keep shooting him from a distance. Opponent closes up to you, you run away, shoot. Rinse and repeat.
  5. I'm on day 148. I got 3 effigies, 4 amulets, a pig village for protection and more food than I could use really. I have died twice from hounds. But when I die I immediately build the missing effigy and I am good to go. There is not any real fear of dying. The biggest challenge is to actually manage my little village. Harvest-Cook-Find Seeds-Plant-kill something and there goes another day. I got 12 chests filled with stuff. I just keep filling them out of habit, I suppose. I feel more like a housekeeper than a survivalist, to be honest... great game though, very nice potential.