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Pan Flute in PvP

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Is literally the strongest thing ever. There is nothing you can do to recover faster, and the enemy will get so many free hits on you, that it's impossible to win.

A Wolfgang with Pan Flute can literally 1v5.



I think Pan Flute needs to be toned down a bit.

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Not all the time- Most worlds spawn without the pan flute being there.

Worlds spawn panflute near the glommer statue 75% of the times.

It's pretty strong. At least 10 stunlocks, fire damage not included.

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You have to remember that they are still in the process of balancing pvp.


The pan flute is way OP atm.  If you are wolfgang and you run into a base of 5 people you can kill everyone with one blow on the flute.  Go to each person one by one with your max hunger buff and kill them with a hambat.  If they are wearing armor and helmet put something down and light it on fire before you start hitting them to get extra dps.


It's usually easy to find the pan flute since you know ahead of time which biome it spawns in.


The interesting tactic atm is that wolfgang is stronger than the viking girl late game but is way weaker early game, so to really exploit the pan flute insanity you need to risk getting killed early game.

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