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[Spoilers Maybe?]Dragonfly can now spawn in the desert

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So my friend and I were playing some Survival DST. He was managing our base, we were 16 days in Autumn. I'm searching the desert for some tumbleweeds (they are so OP) and then I came across a magma pit. Then some burnt trees. A Charred Skeleton. And there, in Autumn was the Dragonfly. I ran away at first, trying to survive. But my curiosity got the better of me. I went back for pictures. I didn't bring a log suit. Dragonfly moves faster than me. I died. D':


Pretty neat though, eh?


Haven't found this on any wikis or anything either.


Any thoughts and such, maybe the other bosses have special spawning places aswell.


(Also, when I ran away the first time (I had a road), he de-aggroed. When I returned to the spot, He descended from the sky and reappeared. That's when he killed me.










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