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Bot implementation?

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Since DST works in a way that when you die, you become a ghost, there's kind of a problem with ghost mobs, as well as Abigail being a ghost impossible to resurrect. It's kind of odd in a way. This is something I'd suggest for devs to implement as a long-term project; making side-characters and normal ghosts being possible to be resurrect. Of course, once a ghost mob is resurrected, it would need to do the same things as a normal player would normally do; gathering stuff depending on the needs, crafting stuff, exploring etc. And this would probably be the most complicated thing in the game. I'd advise this to be worked on after everything else in the game is completed to its fullest. It would be cool, though, don't you think?

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I was actually planning on doing this for my planned Merm-Pig wars starting with pig AI and build my way up there... but I'm busy right now...


can someone tell me where the name... wait...

When you inspect a character, you say "It's" & NameOfPlayer... I was planning on using "NameOfPlayer" for something... the ID... where can I find this?



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