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  1. Also a pan flute is OP. Put someone to sleep before night and get the Grue to do the dirty work.
  2. To be confident with PvP try to complete a 'Nomad Challenge' i.e. to survive a year on default map settings with short seasons having no permanent base: every structure to be destroyed or abandoned and never used after one game day from the moment it's built. Replanting is prohibited. Dropping stuff on the ground for later use is prohibited. Ownership and Simple Protection are the two mods you'll need to enable for PvP as a host. Otherwise building a base makes no sense in PvP since it's easily destroyed. Ownership also gives you PvP traps. Disable mods that show player locations on a map if you're a host since it's cheaty. I also recommend additional slots mod for backpack and amulet. Good starting strategy is to build a log suite, pigskin hat and spear quickly or get tentacle spikes plus a hammer and a backpack. Then ravage someone's base. Try to hide your base somewhere. In swamps for instance, build an empty chest surrounded by tentacles as a trap. Hide your base away from roads and edges since players follow edges and roads to explore. Build two bases to hop between. Get a good feeling on season change and get cold / heat protection in time. Kite befallos for meat - that's efficient. Team up and recruit as many as you can. Force is in numbers. Don't kill innocent players that just joined. Use Endless as a game mode, not Survival. Use whisper command to plan an attack with teammates. Sometimes a fight can be turned into days long run. Better come prepared with food stacked. Use social aspects as much as possible. For instance announce a juicy bounty for a head of a particular player. Lie to people if needed and trick them to believe someone is a fire starter or griefer. Don't use macros like above since it's an exploiting and not a fair play. Avoid damaging your health at all costs. Build honey poultice to quickly restore health. When you're in a night fight, swap torch for weapon and attack your opponent while lit by his torch. If he swaps for weapon too and there is no light, disengage and only then swap to your torch. To gain serious advantage create fire or freezing staff. Have fun and respect nature!
  3. I like the suggestion. Game needs some element that pushes you the further you get. Either a cunning AI controlled evil army or entity that grows over time or a system of disasters explained here:
  4. Find me on Steam: The Grey Witch if you wanna run a DST party with me