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Humble Wilson - Where did that come from?

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I came across this ebay auction


a while ago (when it was already over) and had never even heard of a "Humble Wilson", nor can I find anything about it anywhere. From the pictures of the box it looks like it was a Humble Bundle exclusive, but does anyone have any more information? Also, is this still available anywhere?




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I've been looking for a while, and I can't seem to find anything about it. It must not have been well documented or promoted.


This figure could mean a few things story-wise, but I'm not sure if this figurine is representing Wilson before the events of DS or during. In the picture, it looks like he's wearing a puffy vest like the one in game, so that could mean it's just him traveling and looking a bit scruffy because he's in the wilderness. It's also possible that at one point before DS events Wilson was living on the road. It's interesting that Klei would make a figurine like that.

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Yeah. Like I say, the side of the packaging mentions the Humble Bundle, but I can't find any trace that it was ever included as an extra on a Humble Bundle. It also seems random that they only sold for $20 and $26, so you'd think if Humble Wilson were super rare, he would have sold for more... Anyhoo, if anyone knows, I'd be really interested in knowing more about this! Please!

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