Natural enemy and balance, bees killing

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All in-game animals/monsters should have a natural enemy to keep their numbers in balance, or a player should have an effective way how to limit their numbers by killing (with no chance of item reward, for obvious reasons). In the current state, if I go crazy and plant 5 spider nests, there will be no way of killing them after they grow to lv3.

Why not introduce a monster that seeks and kills spiders and vice versa? It would add a feeling of actual wilderness. Also, all the monsters would have to have a reproduction mechanic, otherwise they might go extinct, just like IRL.

Now I want to adress to the bee mine problem (infinite numbers of bees spawning), why not make a device that can kill multiple bees? Or make an animal that eats bees, or make the bees succeptible to fire from other burning bees so I only have to set fire to one bee. Sure, a bug net is nice but I can't really catch 200 bees one by one.

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