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  1. Good news, I got to the next level and abandoned that demon rock!
  2. Well... Thanks, Klei... I'm gonna go cry now...
  3. This is amazing! I love your art style! Keep up the great work!
  4. So I was thinking about ways to make the game harder and thought about seasons. Each one could have it's own difficulties and benefits, but first I need to talk about some other things that would go with the update. Medicine. Medicine can be made from flowers, plants, honey etc. Sickness. Obviously it causes impairments, what those are I don't know, can be cured by using medicine. Water. An extra bar (like food or health) The player needs to drink water to stay healthy. Now for the seasons. Spring! Lots of flowers, plants and animals, normal days, ideal for making medicine and stockpiling food. Lasts 14 days. Summer. Normal amounts of animals and plants, the days last longer, nights are shorter. You need to drink water more often. Hounds come more often as well, perhaps 3 times in the 14 days summer lasts. Winter. In winter it is a completely new experience, there are very little amounts of plant/animals and food is scarce (especially with the spoilage planned in the update tomorrow) Water is iced over (You need a pick to break the ice) and days are short. However Hounds do not show up in the 14 days this lasts. You need to be near fires ever so often to stop yourself from freezing. You also have a high chance of catching an ailment. (This makes spring important) Hope you like the idea, I am open to suggestions and above all...... Don't Starve!
  5. Lol yeah Spiders have been a big problem for me, especially with Spider queens.
  6. I'm fairly sure this has been done before but I want to know how people are doing recently. How long have you gone/are going? To add to the question, do you think you are doing well or are you starting to get on the hungry side? To start out, I am on day 121 with 4 chests full of food, I have 1400 research points and can hopefully go for 50+ more days.
  7. I really like that idea, maybe a bear could help with the bee problem?
  8. In graveyards, if you stay too long at night, zombies spawn in graves that haven't been dug up, if you are bitten by one (not the basic attack, they have to charge it up) your health slowly drains. But don't fear! When you make a new game, you can find the zombie of you and kill it, it is stronger depending on the gear you had but you get the gear back when it dies.
  9. I like that alot more than my Alien idea. It makes sense
  10. Yeah I wasn't so sure about the aliens, it was just an idea to make it somewhat difficult getting to the rocks.
  11. So I was playing the game and realized: There is a limited number of rocks to mine. My suggestion is that every couple days (maybe 20) there is a meteor shower, it causes the ground to shake when it hits earth and drops 7-10 rocks from it. It also scorches the ground and leaves hostile aliens in the area. Just something I thought about.