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So I saw something weird . . .

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I was playing as Maxwell, and while moving around in the evening, I was heading back towards my base when near the bottem right of my screen I saw some light moving like it was being blown by wind. For my fellow console players, it looked kind of like the light that comes from the accomplishoshrine. I'm positive that is wasn't fireflies, but I have never seen this before. Any ideas on what it was? Was it a just really weird glitch? Is my real life sanity just below 80?

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Well as a fellow console player, I can say it definitely was not the accomplishosrine . I mean that is something that would have to be build. Why didn't you go check it out?

It disappeared after about 3 seconds. It looked like the light from the accomplishoshrine, but like it was being blown in the wind. I almost wondered if I had just imagined it, but I know I saw something

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