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[Feedback] Deerclops

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The Deerclops mechanics have changed in DST: ROG and while I like them I have additional feedback that would make it better in my opinion.


  • Amount of time in between spawns should be based on number of players in the server. The fewer the players the more time in between spawns.
  • The amount of structures it requires to be satiated should be based on number of players in the server. The fewer the players the less structures it requires.
  • If killed during winter it should not come back until next winter.
  • Multiple spawns based on number of players in the server. If five (5) or more players are in the server two Deerclops should have a chance of spawning. Equation for number of Deerclops to spawn could be set at ((#Players / 5) = #Deerclops+1). *Based on 1000 damage per player.

I've got other feedback and suggestions, however, it needs a little more thought put into it to make it work correctly.

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I think that 3 Deerclops attacks per winter is a bit much for two players to handle themselves, at least on their first winter. I agree that the number of attacks should be based on the number of max players allowed on the server. 

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Deerclops spawned two times in a row (different worlds) without making any noise (groan) at all, he just spawned from nowhere (my friends and I realized he was there when our screen started shaking).


On the second world though, I revived a friend of mine after he got killed by him near our camp (he also destroyed 5 structures along with a Spider Den and didn't care about the rest and started to leave), and he despawned after losing sight of him for I dunno, 2 screens or so, 2 days later, I heard his groaning and he normally spawned near me, my friend could't hear him (he was in our camp) but I could (I was far away).


What I'm trying to say here is that deerclops (in fact, any giant) should not despawn. Why? Because it's utterly stupid that a giant can magically vanish from thin air, but a tiny fast hound not (along Varg, they can stay in the same place all you want.


If you're planning to make Deerclops work like this (assuming it works like this by now):


1. Spawn;

2. Destroy some buildings;

3. Leave;

4. Despawn;

5. Spawn near other players;

6. Go back to 2.


Increase his despawn distance a lot (same with other giants), it's so frustrating that he can despawn so easily when he's a freaking giant.

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bad idea #1 spawn new giant monster into game started before they were a part of the game without giving the option to turn of the monsters when logging in after update, bad idea #2 spawn said monster in the middle of the night during winter and have it destroy more than half of the camp and farm lands while nothing can be done about it, so thanks for ruining weeks worth of work in a single sweep, suuuuuper fun...

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