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Widgets... Is there a guide for them?

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I'm testing out a stamina system I made for one of my characters.

The stamina stat works so now I want to try and create a visualization for it.


WIDGETS... I have no idea where I should start.

Trying to find the beginning for figuring these things out so I can understand how to create one in the future.



Tried searching for a widget guide but can't really find what I'm looking for.  From their outward appearance they look complicated, but I bet they might be easier than I'm making them out to be.



At any rate, where should I start for figuring these things out?  Did anyone make a guide for widgets that I just seemed to overlook?


Edit: Looking at the mod Always-On Status, I think I got them figured out, at least some of the basic parts of it.  I managed to get what I want to show up.


Edit 2: This is what I managed to come up with out of looking at Always-On Status

local function StatusPostConstruct(self)	if true then		self.staminabar = self:AddChild(Badge("stamina", self.owner))		self.staminabar.bg = self:AddChild(Image("images/status_bgs.xml", "status_bgs.tex"))		self.staminabar.num:SetFont(GLOBAL.NUMBERFONT)		self.staminabar.num:SetSize(28)		self.staminabar.bg:SetScale(.4,.43,0)		self.staminabar.bg:SetPosition(-80.5, -40.5, 0)		self.staminabar.num:SetPosition(3.5, -40.5, 0)		self.staminabar.num:SetScale(1,.78,1)		self.staminabar.num:MoveToFront()		self.staminabar.num:Show()		self.staminabar.bg:MoveToBack()		self.inst:ListenForEvent("panicstaminadelta",			function(inst)				local val = self.owner.PanicStamina or 0				self.staminabar.num:SetString(tostring(math.ceil(val)).."")			end,			self.owner)		self.staminabar:SetPosition(-80.5,0,0)				self.restmeter = self:AddChild(Badge("restmeter", self.owner))		self.restmeter.bg = self:AddChild(Image("images/status_bgs.xml", "status_bgs.tex"))		self.restmeter.num:SetFont(GLOBAL.NUMBERFONT)		self.restmeter.num:SetSize(28)		self.restmeter.bg:SetScale(.4,.43,0)		self.restmeter.bg:SetPosition(-80.5,-70,0)		self.restmeter.num:SetPosition(3.5, -40.5, 0)		self.restmeter.num:SetScale(1,.78,1)		self.restmeter.num:MoveToFront()		self.restmeter.num:Show()		self.restmeter.bg:MoveToBack()		self.inst:ListenForEvent("restmeterdelta",			function(inst)				local val = self.owner.RestMeter or 0				self.restmeter.num:SetString(tostring(math.ceil(val)).."")			end,			self.owner)		self.restmeter:SetPosition(-80.5,-30,0)		self.restmeter:Show()	endendAddClassPostConstruct("widgets/statusdisplays", StatusPostConstruct)


The if true then is just there for me to replace with a config boolean to replace it later.  But I think I figured it out generally well.


Edit 3: Okay I figured out basic widgets (sorta) though I am quite curious as to how the badges handle their meter graphic going up and down.


A new question, how would I make a widget that act's as a bar that fills up or empties depending on the variable it's referencing?  I'm going to dig at the healthbadge and badges a bit for this info, but if anyone who's worked with them knows what does what, some guidance would be helpful.

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Widgets generally are very straightforward... As for a bar meter, I believe RPG HUD does this in single-player. Widget code should be pretty much the same between single-player and DST, except that it will get data from the replica or classified instead of the controlling component.

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Widgets can be fairly daunting until you start messing around with them.  They're a lot more simple than they look at first glance.  The only tricky bit is how the default HUD has quite a few levels of nesting in order to abstract the widgets.


The whole widget implementation seems XMLish to me.  It would be interesting to try to create a LuaXML parser that could import XML documents to customize the HUD-- not unlike using XAML to define window elements for WPF apps in VS.



(I apologize if I've exceeded my acronym limit on that last sentence)

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