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played a few times noticed a few things.

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the transition from winter to spring is strangely punishing. where i understand that winter is a time were you survive on what you have gathered. spring should be the time where you should be able to restart your gathering process and not get smashed in the face.



- setting a trap is a hassle, it often doesnt set it but just moves to the place you clicked

- freezing in spring... reduce the rate in which you freeze. freezing faster in spring then winter feels wrong. 

- tentacles appear in places without bubbles (miss informing the player, do it or dont do it.) 

- inventory system is a mess, its hard to keep things orginised without having to manualy move things all the time. "where the #@$% is my hammer this time"

- dragon fruit farm is OP.

- molewurms spoil a bit to fast

- molewurms should be trapable



overall rain in spring is a bit too crazy.

- spring rain showers last to long.  i cannot imagine plaing the robot in spring and have a good time. 

- when cought in a spring shower without rain gear = rapid death, it is increadibly hard at that point to make the gear to fight the rain. while still maintaining all other surviving tasks.

- when the night shade ghosts start to attack you becouse of the low sanity you are done becouse the rain doenst stop, the bees wont let you pick their flower, and making rain gear while being hunted by ghosts in not an option so sanity remains low. 


the spring rain needs a  bit of shaving.


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Making a pretty parasol and a straw hat isn't that hard to do and even then preparing for rain and such seems like something you should do before it starts raining.

Also the first point about traps, I don't understand what that's supposed to mean? Don't you want it to go where you clicked?

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Autumn is the easy, resource-gathering time, while the other 3 seasons have unique difficulties. Even with an Autumn start, you do still need to keep in mind the challenges coming up in the next season, as well as the one after. It sounds like you may have misused your time during the prior seasons... you survived them, and kudos for you!, but you didn't prepare for what was ahead of you.


Spring's challenges are:


  • constant rain which can induce wetness, freezing, and insanity
  • frog rain
  • bees are angry
  • beefalo are in heat constantly
  • MooseGoose (giant, not implemented yet)


You're freezing and becoming insane in Spring because you are getting wet from all the rain. A wetness meter pops up once you start getting wet, and you'll need to keep an eye on it and get your water-logged character dry. To combat wetness, you need to gather the resources for raingear back during Autumn and Winter. If you wait until Spring to begin, you'll have a rough go of it. It's not impossible, but it is pretty tough.


If you're struggling with sanity, a garland does work, but it's not top-notch. A tam-o-shanter from the walrus is the best for sanity, but you can also eat cooked green mushrooms. Eating jerky, as well as crockpot meals, can give you a bit of a boost as well. 100% wetness protection is provided from the raincoat or the eyebrella. Otherwise, you'll need to combine items, such as an umbrella and any kind of hat/head gear.


Basically though, once you're protected from wetness, the majority of the issues you brought up will be solved. As for the others:


  • Traps are set on the ground where you click to set them. I'm not sure I understand the problem?
  • Animals spoiling in your inventory is a feature of RoG. It's exactly the same in singleplayer. You'll need to strategize accordingly, and not hoard them for some unknown later point in time.
  • If tentacles aren't showing the bubble animation, that's a bug. Please let the devs know in their RoG update threads, here's the most recent one: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/52775-reign-of-giants-public-test-april-10th-update/
  • As far as inventory management goes, when you pick up items, they'll go into the first open spot on the far left (and your backpack afterwards). Inventory placement works left-to-right, starting far away and working towards your character. Hope that helps!




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