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Fog of War - DST vs DS

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*Read this entire passage in the voice of Norm from Phineas and Ferb*


Are you the type of player who loves to explore the map, revealing every inch of land you can go in?


Well I am! O____O


In DS, the amount of area you can reveal in the map is so little that you have to do a sweep of an entire sector -- like eating a cob of corn -- just to get that feeling of "aww... there's a black spot on the map!!"


But now in DST, you can reveal a lot of the map even if you don't go directly in that spot!!


I bet it's helped a lot of players out because I sure am!


I don't know if anyone else has said this before so "Thank you Klei!"


I'm feeling a bit chipper right now after being paid $10 to watch an entire episode of Boku no Pico... this topic was the only thing in my mind at the time and it got me through the whole thing!!




Now, I'm going to run face first into a brick wall!! See 'ya!


(that kid's got frikken A-cups!! wtf?!)

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when i started to play together I thought the fog worked in that way, I like the idea but I think could make the exploration too easy, and with the explored areas you can know were is the player.

maybe with an item like a map... for example: everyone go to explore and a few days later some players meet and share the "item map", then the map of each player updates and those players have the same explored area.

I think it is not necessary that everyone has a map item. would only need one and that is updated when a player has it in his pocesión with all the explored areas.

that sound useful and its not unfair, what do you think?

and sorry i don't know how is the voice of norm in english, i only saw him on spanish and just a few episodes

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