Oswald's Don't Starve Together Roleplay


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"Nightmare fuel... umm.. Oh! I know! Over the mountains, there's a maxwell statue that has 14-15 dark flowers. You could make dark petals for nightmare fuel?"


Charles sits down by the fire and thinks to himself "Hehehe, they have no idea what's on at the statue."

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(By the way, this I think should be the last or second to last message before the other guys get back, so that they haven't missed a huge chunk of storyline)


Charles walks over to the chest and grabs the razor.


Here ya go.


gives it to him, but "accidentally" cuts Oswald on the arm 

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"It all started about a week ago.


My name is Charles, and I was flying in the sky, doing cloudy things, when Maxwell made me into a human thing and put me here. But other than that, I really have no other backstory. While I was here I did eat food and survived, but not much. Yesterday I saw you while searching for food, so I decided to come down to your house."

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(OOC: woah





I missed a lot of posts.)


"Wha-?" Shoeshine exclaimed, as he woke up. "Aww. I was hoping it was all a dream." Shoeshine muttered, as he put on his top hat and grabbed his cane. "Morning, gentlemen! Lovely day today, isn't it?" Shoeshine greeted Oswald and Charles. "Sorry I slept for so long, I needed to energize myself after that overcharge last night." Shoeshine explained.

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