Combining torches

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Don't you just hate it when you have low durability torches lying around? Combined, you might get up to 80% durability. Alone, they're pretty much useless. To get enough use out of them, you have to waste 6 inventory slots just to get through 2 sections of the night.


You know the drill.


With that said, they're just grass and sticks. Realistically, you could take the unburnt sections of grass from the torches and combine them with a new twig so that they stay in place properly. Plus, it'd make convenience have a price.


What do you think?




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Haha. I'm thinking more along the lines of picking up the torch and hovering over another. The words combine will appear and... tada! A useful torch. ^_^

Think about when you use the sewing kit. Like that, but with torches.

Also, being able to burn them would be pretty awesome, too. :)

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