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Challange runs

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The update is coming in a few days, so for those of us who have hit the survival wall there will Soon be new things to do. :) But in the meantime, if you get bored during the weekend. Try a challange run!

A few I thought of are:

Only berries run - you can only eat berries, makes food gathering much more essential. (No farms for increased difficulty)

No campfire run - Only torches and bugs allowed as lihtsources.

Swich island run - Survive for a set number of days (5, 10, 15?) on one island, then dump ALL your gear and food and go to a new island, repeat untill all islands are survived.

Combo run - No campfire and only berries. To hard?

Submit more challange Ideas if you think of any!

Ill be surviving for real in the forest during the weekend so im expecting a few new challanges to try out when I get back :)

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I have done the no campfire run- was the first few nights.My first 15 days normally are berries and carrot only so check that one.Hmm switch island run is HARD- I failed at that one. Some island are just too hostile to survive- SpidersssssChallenges- Vegetarians only- Survive for 50 days on vegetarian diets WITHOUT pig assistance.No pigs Allowed- Survive 50 days no pig assistance.The vow- Survive 50 days without killing anything- SPIDERS included!! NO evil escape my sight- Within 50 days killed ALL spiders on ALL islands.

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I don't think i've ever really played with pigs i mean i have tried them out but i just don't trust pigs...Also in "The vow" are you allowed to pick up dead things and are you allowed to destroy things, if you were allowed to it would still be hard to get the better food thou but when you get it farms is your friend :)

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