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LF: Mature friendly players , West Coast servers.

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Hello people, I have a few DST servers up and running in West coast, and i'm looking for players to populate them.

There aren't many rules, some of the big ones are:

1. Be respectful

2. Don't be shy if you need help, (it is a team game right?...)

3. Don't starve (>_>)


Server name is "Moriamo Insieme" (we die together), but there are certain suffixes past each server like "Rog Beta", "Vanilla" . Main server is Heavily modded, Mostly character mods, and some fun mods. A RoG Server, and a bone stock DST server , no mods, for those who like Vanilla.


There are three servers to choose from:



There are usually a moderator on at all times , since some of our players are all over the world, Paris, Australia, etc.


There may be a few instances where you hop on and there's only french players. Or Italian, spanish, etc.

For me it's not an issue, but for the most part they will attempt English to keep it a constant language.


Anyways, here's a link to my steam



And a steam group which is a WIP 



And pictures time2015-02-24_00001.jpg

So many indicators <_<





RoG Server:




And Vanilla



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I got banned from the server,i was haunting stuff,the mod told to stop then kick me,i came back,promised that i won't haunt anymore.I harvested fruit,forgot to take it to the freezer,the mod came again,and he told me to give back the fruits,i gave it back,then he banned me

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