[Graphics] - Faces go missing with hats


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EDIT: This was caused by DST RoG Characters, my bad. I pushed an update to fix it.


Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics
Issue Title: Faces go missing with hats
Issue Description: Putting on a hat causes the face symbol to be hidden.
Executing ThePlayer.AnimState:Show("HEAD_HAT") seems to fix it permanently, and hiding it will cause it to revert to the previous state.
Steps to Reproduce: Put on a hat (e.g. walrushat with Wendy)

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@MarkL, Oh nooo this was my bad, sorry x_x.


I replaced hats.lua in DST RoG Characters because I needed to patch the spider hat for Webber. So now that the symbol changed name, my hats file was breaking it.


Weekly reminder to turn off mods before submitting reports... >_<

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